Will it Fit: Auvi-Q in Epi Pen Carriers?

Of course I couldn’t sit still with this Auvi-Q trainer in my hot little hand.  Side bar: the new updated Auvi-Q website has all sorts of interesting features on it! So, I decided to see if any of my Epi Pen® carriers would hold the new Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injector?  For the most part, every carrier worked just fine with one exceptions.  Again, I am thrilled that we will all have choices, as I mentioned in my previous post about the newest epinephrine auto-injector to hit the market, Inspiring: We Met the New Auvi-Q,

 Auvi-Q pair next to Epi PairTwo Auvi-Q trainers side by side with two Epi Pens®.

The more we fiddle with the trainer, the more my family is realizing that my son is counting the hours until he can get his hands on the Auvi-Q and my daughter and father both like the Epi Pen®.  At age nine, change is not welcome and I will honor her comfort zone.  Nevertheless, we are all excited for all the good things choices will bring!

Here are the results of my epinephrine auto-injectors…

Auvi-Q inside Allergy Projector

Allergy Protector side shot

Inside my cooling insulated Allergy Protector carrier (I bought it from Allergy Apparel)…looks like two will fit just fine.

Auvi-Q in Allergy Apparel carrierFit easy in another type of carrier from Allergy Apparel – plus two Auvi-Q’s will fit since the fabric is stretchy.

Auvi-Q double ActiveaideTwo Auvi-Q’s will fit in my beloved Two Epi Pen® Activeaide carrying case (my personal favorite) but….

Auvi-Q single Activeaide

 it did not fit into the single case. Although, it looks like the asthma pouches that Activeaide offers might work?!?

Auvi-Q in Epi caseTwo Auvi-Q trainers fit in this carrier plus an inhaler.

All in all, I think most of my Epi Pen® carriers will still be able to accommodate the Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injectors.  My daughter is beginning to use a purse, so she will most likely continue using the Red Emergency Medicine Bag sold by FARE and my son carries his epinephrine auto-injectors in a pencil pouch in his binder or some of the various carriers from above (okay, not the blue camo–that belongs to my daughter).

emergency medicine bag
Emergency Medicine Kit

Again, I’m thrilled for choices!  Yay to Auvi-Q and Epi Pen® for providing us with life saving medicine for anaphlyaxis!

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  1. says

    Hi Caroline,
    We were thrilled to see your post “Will it Fit” as the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We have tested the Auvi-Q’s dimensions inside Epi-Essentials products and are happy to report that it fits…perfectly! When placed inside Epi-Essentials, it allows ample room for an asthma inhaler and our mini-antihistamine containers.

    We are currently working on a retro-fitting “strap” that will secure the Auvi-Q in place, allowing our customers to use their choice of epinephrine injectors in an Epi-Essentials product. (Without the strap, the Auvi-Q simply rests in the medication compartment.) When this is complete, we will be happy to send you a product sample.

    Your posts are written so well; current and chock full of useful information…keep ‘m coming because we love to read them and share with our friends and customers!


    Epi-Essentials, LLC

    • says

      Dana, SOOOO glad to hear it! Did you know that Sloane Miller carriers her Epi Pens in a Kate Spade bag…hum, I think your carriers rival our beloved Kate Spade!

  2. Amy says

    Are you able to fit BOTH pens in the epi carrier or just one? Just one isn’t really good enough–as you should always carry a back-up. I can’t tell from the pic.

    • says

      Hi Amy,

      In all my holders that held either one or two Epi Pens, I could fit in two Auvi-Q’s with the exception of the single Activeade carrier. We have the single carriers for the school yard, where one is stored inside the classroom AND in the nurse’s office. Otherwise, my children always carry two on their bodies at all times.

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