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Yesterday, a group of food allergy type bloggers met the new epinephrine auto-injector, Auvi-Q™, up close and personal at the Learning to Bake Allergen Free headquarters.   To say the least, I was inspired by three lovely reasons!  Of course, the shining star to was getting to know the Auvi-Q™ that I have wanted so painfully to learn more about!  I have much to share today, so grab a cup of tea and pull up a chair.

Auvi-Q trainer

Before I go too deep, I wanted to share that all of our travel expenses were covered by Feeding Eden, The Trials and Triumphs of a Food Allergy Familyin exchange for our evaluation and feedback regarding the Auvi-Q™.  We were not asked for endorsements, recommendations or even kind words.  I’m far too opinionated to ever agree to giving someone or something positive or negative reviews for payment or favors. My goal is to always share what I believe may be helpful to our food allergy and asthma community and to give you my opinions.  This is the beauty of blogging, you get to be you-opinions and all!


Back side of the Auvi-Q trainer

Back side of the Auvi-Q trainer

Okay, now for my take on the Auvi-Q™, as my fellow bloggers who attended the summit post their thoughts on the Auvi-Q™, I will update this post with their links, so you can read their perspectives.  I will try to sum up my introduction to the Auvi-Q™ in bullet points.

Here are the links from the other bloggers with their insights:

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Auvi Q next to credit card

Trainer next to credit card


Auvi-Q and gift card

Auvi-Q trainer and gift card

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  • The size was much smaller and more portable than I had envisioned. It slid easily into my pants pockets (front and back without bulging). I asked Jenny, Author of Auvi-Q to do the butt check on my back pocket. God knows that I do not need any more padding in that area.
  • The size was exactly the same size as my credit card and thickness of my smartphone, without the case.
  • The backside of the Auvi-Q™ was angled so it fit my hand well.
  • I thought the voice activation would be annoying and it was not! I actually found it comforting.
  • The voice activator will also tell you if the injector has already been used. Nice touch.
  • If you don’t want to follow the verbal steps, you can simply proceed with use.
  • The verbal directions guide you through holding the Auvi-Q™ against your outer thigh for 5 seconds.
  • The steps were to the point: remove case, voice activation begins, remove red tab on the bottom and press into thigh for 5 seconds, no need to swing.
  • Directions were also printed on the device.
  • The technical aspects of epinephrine were the same as the Auvi-Q, about one year’s plus shelf life, same temperature control, etc.
  • What Dr. John Oppenheimer, from Auvi-Q and I talked about heading to the airport was that since it is smaller and convenient, would our kids forget it in their pocket and get washed with their jeans?
  • Jenny asked about water exposure and it can handle a rainstorm but if submerged you really need to consider contamination. So, looks like the washing machine will still kill our cell phones and epinephrine auto-injectors.
  • I am SUPER anxious to have my kids check it out. I arrived late in Reno last night so they will not meet the Auvi-Q™ trainer until after school today.
  • It is a size they are familiar with due to their beloved i-everythings.
  • We did not find out pricing and from what I understand from my researcher friends, new products like this will most likely not be lowered in price….at least not yet. The expense and funds required to bring something like to market engulfs years and millions of dollars.
  • As we speak, the Auvi-Q™ is being introduced to allergists nationwide.
  • We were told the release date will be sometime in the first quarter. Meaning January, February or March of this year.
  • They will be sold in two packs containing a trainer.
  • It will be very lively and interesting when the Auvi-Q™hits the market and our discussions begin about the pros, cons, pricing, etc.
  • Make sure you visit the Auvi-Q website and check in with your physician before making any decisions or taking action….these are only my lay interpretations!


Auvi Q under credit card

The Auvi-Q trainer is underneath this credit card

Back to inspiration; I am thrilled that choices regarding epinephrine auto-injectors are coming to fruition. Just like some of us enjoy coffee and others prefer tea, we need choices to fit our lifestyles, needs and stages of life. As my children age, each level of development calls for new methods of handling epinephrine and I like that we’ll have options soon.  Choices are just good business in life.

Be inspired

Secondly, it was inspiring to be surrounded by those seeking solutions. In addition to staff from Auvi-Q, Dr. John Oppenheimer gave a talk about food allergies and the direction we are heading in regarding treatment and research. I could have listened to him to speak all day long. He truly had the gift of being able to communicate complex research ideas into understandable terms. He also shared important clinical information that he wants all of us embrace, I will blog about his data next week-so keep an eye out.

Lastly, it is incredibly energizing to meet up with other men and women who have committed themselves to lives well lived with food allergies and asthma. These people make change and a difference. Collectively, we all make powerful strides in the right direction, so it was very re-affirming to meet these folks face to face and enjoy their fabulous energy.

All in all, it was worth traveling across country, sitting for over five hours next to a snoring man on the plane, to meet the Auvi-Q™. I felt the folks at Sanofi truly wanted to hear our thoughts and were very committed to being part of the solution and wanted to meet our needs.

Now, we must patiently wait for the release of the Auvi-Q, the voice activated epinephrine auto-injector, as we say hello new options into our food allergy management world.

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