Food Allergies: Valentine's Day and Halloween-What's in Common?

A food allergic reaction that is!  Apparently, in a recent press released provided by Epi Pen®, the makers of Mylan Speciality, one in three parents of children diagnosed with life threatening food allergies have experienced  anaphylaxis on Epi Pen®.  Didn’t see that one coming.  My local food allergy and asthma parent education group hosts an annual food free Halloween Party to address the dangers of Halloween, but I have to confess that Epi Pen® never hit my radar.   Mostly, since I don’t think I’ve missed a school Epi Pen® party to date and that I simply LOVE anything Valentine’s Day related.  Mylan’s don’t stand a chance in my world, since I can’t ever seem to stop baking or making crafts on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day food allergy friendly glass filled with heart marshmallowsA glass full of Valentine’s Day love!

The Food allergens Press Release, Mylan’sbrought about some good discussion in my household.  An online survey of 302 parents revealed that only 47% spoke to their children regarding managing their life threatening food allergies on Epi Pen® ( include me in that group).  It’s seems that Food allergens goal is to bring awareness and discussion to families and, most of all: to be prepared!  This is a good thing!  I truly don’t chat too much with my children regarding Valentine’s Day since I’m incredibly involved–which is a BIG mistake.  What happens on the odd holiday that I’m sick, not there or, when my kids are too old to enjoy my presence at the party.  For my family, every holiday brings along the same checklist of preparation:

valentine's day sea shells with messagesWe write Valentine’s Day messages inside seashells for grins!

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Confirm with teacher if there will be an in class or school wide celebration.
  • If there will be a celebration, will it include food?
  • If food is to be included, how will allergens be avoided?
  • Will one of us (myself or my husband) be able to help out with the party?  Since we able, I try to attend every party as a second set of eyes.
  • How will my child participate?
  • How can I help or assist the teacher to ensure a safe event.
  • Confirm our family policy of not eating things cooked or baked outside of home unless we know the family and baker and have confirmed they understand our cross contact needs.
  • Even if safe treats are provided, all labels must be double read.
  • NEW ADDITION TO THE LIST:  Discuss strategies with my children for food allergy safety!


Peanut Butter Danger

I believe the dangers in Valentine’s Day are similar to Halloween: everyone is excited, candy is a huge part of our culture’s celebration of the day and it is easy to forget protocol plain and simple.  One thing I do with my daughter is that I invite a few girls over for our own V-day party after school.  So, my daughter holds off on any treats and then we enjoy Valentine Themed snacks and crafts that day.  Also, I will make my Valentine’s day Robots again this year for her class!  I blogged about it last year in my post, “Healthy Food Allergy Robots” .

Food Allergy Friendly Valentine's Day Robot

Mylan’s posted this darling blog providing ten adorable non-food related homemade Valentine’s Day Do-It-Yourself ideas:  Epi FamilyAnother great idea is to create crafts or celebrate with games or song.  As much as I am a foodie, I think at school we’ve moved the focus to heavily to food to celebrate. Cupcakes are no longer special.  As a child, I used to live for a good bake sale.  Now cupcakes are everyday fare.

the flu season plan written on paper

I hope you take pause over the next week or so to discuss and strategize Valentine’s Day and life threatening food allergies.

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    This is a GREAT post! I think it’s something we all need to think about a little more. Would you be willing to link this up to our Sweets For My Sweetie link-up via Natural and Free? I think this info is invaluable, and would make a great addition. If you can’t, I understand, but I figure I’d ask. :) Either way, I hope you have an amazing week!

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    I love this post! I, too, saw the press release from Mylan. I had the same thoughts as you. I think to talk with my boys about Halloween, but often forget about Valentine’s Day. I always figured it would be a bigger obstacle once they were older and dating. I guess I was wrong. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bulleted plan for keeping our kids safe this Valentine’s Day. And a special thank you for sharing my link with your readers. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to keep holidays fun and special. :) Great post!

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    You bring up a good point. So many holidays revolve around food and for those of us with food allergies it can often be a challenge. And thanks, too, for posting the link to the DIY allergy valentines – gave me a few new ideas to help celebrate this year. Can’t believe it’s around the corner already.


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