Healthy food allergy friendly Robots…

take over Valentine’s Day!  We finished our food allergy friendly robots and they are ready for the Valentine’s Day party at school on Tuesday.  These robots meet all the criteria requested by my daughter’s teachers:  healthy (no candy or junk food), wheat and gluten-free, tree nut free and Vegan.  The teacher wanted to meet the dietary needs of all the children of the class and it worked quite easily!


part of the food allergy friendly robot army
part of the food allergy friendly robot army

Robot making was a family effort:  grandpa shopped for materials, brother and buddy glued and made arms while sister cut out hearts and I even got to use the hot glue gun to add eyes.  These turned out just too cute to not post about the finished product and give details of how to make them.  Clearly, they can be used for any occasion by omitting the heart glued to the robot’s chest and adding in your own twist.  So, is what we used and how we put them together:

Materials to make 21 Robots (19 for students, one for the teacher and the principal):

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  • 21 (4.23 oz) Juicy Juice® boxes of juice- (we tried larger boxes, the size wasn’t proportionate)
  • 42 (1/2 oz) mini boxes of raisins
  • 21 (4 oz) individual cups of Applesauce
  • 21 plastic spoons (we used red–the official color of Valentine’s Day)
  • 42 googlie eyes
  • 4 sheets of colored paper to compliment the color of the juice box
  • 1 black sharpie
  • 1 Hot glue gun and glue sticks


clearly, I can’t glue and take a picture at the same time!


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  • Cut out 42 strips of paper 4″x 1/2″ for the arms.
  • Accordion fold the arms or leave straight (we toyed around with adding heart hands but an executive decision by our 8 year-old art directed halted hand making)
  • Cut out 21 hearts
  • Write names of classmates on hearts


gluing arms to the food allergy friendly robot
…adding the arms


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  • glue bottom of juice box to raisin boxes
  • glue applesauce head to juice box, avoiding the drink hole
  • glue arms to top of juice box just under the applesauce head
  • glue googlie eyes to head
  • glue spoon to back of robot
  • glue heart to body (optional based on holiday or event)


This one is for a 13 year old friend who helped make arms!
This robot is saluting and is for a 13 year old friend who helped make arms!

Enjoy your sea of food allergy friendly Vegan, wheat, gluten and nut free Valentine’s Day robots!-Caroline

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  1. Jennifer says

    What a wonderful idea! I have 2 kids with eosinophilic esophagitis and severe food allergies and I have been looking for something fun to do for their birthday parties. Thank you so much for the adorable idea. I am sure my boys will love it!

    • says

      These were just as much to make as watching the other children enjoy receiving them! Let us know how yours turn out! I’m tempted to make some themed robots with pompoms for bunny tails and adding some ears! Enjoy!


  1. […] I believe the dangers in Valentine’s Day are similar to Halloween: everyone is excited, candy is a huge part of our culture’s celebration of the day and it is easy to forget protocol plain and simple.  One thing I do with my daughter is that I invite a few girls over for our own V-day party after school.  So, my daughter holds off on any treats and then we enjoy Valentine Themed snacks and crafts that day.  Also, I will make my Valentine’s day Robots again this year for her class!  I blogged about it last year in my post, “Healthy Food Allergy Robots” . […]

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