Wiggles allergy video-Awareness Avoidance Action

One Spot Allergy posted this yesterday on Facebook and asked what do people think?  I have to say that I am torn.  I really am happy to see allergy awareness coming to the forefront-especially from the Wiggles (really happy to see Greg back).  Even happier to see such an influential group reaching out to small children.  I am unsure about the overall organization of the message though.  I am feeling that there are two messages in their song and that maybe they should be separated-environmental allergies in one song and  food allergies in another?  I don’t know?!?

Do you see the differentiation between environmental allergies versus food allergies?

The upbeat song starts out singing about an itchy throat, runny nose and itchy eyes after playing with a pet.  Followed by a reference to a cough and wheeze possibly due to a pollen or wind.  These are all really great messages about hay fever or environmental allergies.  Educating little ones about these types of allergies is very important and their song is great on this topic.  Next, the song continues on to food allergies and that they can be really serious.  The song encourages kids to check first if offering someone food.  I like the food allergy part as well, it is short, simple and age appropriate.  I don’t know how many three year old children who can understand the word Anaphylaxis!

thinking monkey

Here is what I am thinking:  I worry that our little ones will confuse the sneezing and itching from pollens with a life threatening food allergy and not understand that when Greg sings out that food allergies can be really serious, he does mean REALLY SERIOUS.  I can count the times on both hands that someone thought my son’s peanut, tree nut, dairy and sesame seed allergy can be resolved by a tissue and Benedryl.  SCARY. Last year, the Dean of Discipline had to sit down and directly educate a 7th grader who didn’t believe food allergies were not like environmental allergies and that it could result in possible death.  I worry that a small child will still hand their friend a peanut butter cookie thinking their allergic reaction will be like  a pollen reaction.  Clearly, the Wiggles are focused on using age appropriate words and descriptions. Hence why we all loved them so much.  But…could there be a different more effective approach?

wiggles in 2012 This is only their first cut of the new song and the official video will come out in 2012. I did post on their You Tube channel asking them about breaking their message down into two videos or songs.

By the way, If you haven’t already, check out One Spot Allergy, Elizabeth Goldenberg founded One Spot Allergy in 2009 and writes a great newsletter, blog and up-to-date facebook postings like this one, in addition to selling a true water proof Epi Pen® belt.  She posted this video and I always look forward to her blogs or postings, Elizabeth is well rooted in common sense and practical living.

What do you think of this new video?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I will post Monday’s Valentine’s Day ideas for the classroom over the weekend-[typography font=”Lobster” size=”18″ size_format=”px”]Caroline[/typography]


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  1. Nice Site says

    I think you are over reacting and placing entirely too much interest in the separation between food and common airborne allergies when this is not meant for complex awareness but simple understanding for those just starting to understand allergies in general. In summary. You’re an adult They are not. Your concerns seem slightly misguided.

    • says

      Thanks for the reply and your opinion, as all thoughts are welcome. Especially when we’re questioning something. I think you are right about simple understanding and that children process so differently than adults-again why the Wiggles are so successful–they know to speak the language of the child. No matter, I couldn’t be happier about the video that awareness is coming to the forefront! Have a great day.

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