Fabulous School Food Allergy Poster/Printable Freebies!

My daughter’s teacher requested a poster of tree nuts so she could post a flyer outside of her classroom door to remind students of the food items that were being avoided inside the classroom.  The purpose of the poster was two fold: provide a message of no nuts and to provide an image of what those nut look like!  In my quest to find her images, I stumbled upon a fabulous website that offers free food allergy printable:  Kids Can Have Fun Food Allergy Awareness Posters…

Kids Can Have Fun Food allergy downloads

The Kids Can Have Fun website offered a huge assortment of FREE food allergy downloadable items, such as…

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  • Peanut free classroom signs
  • Nut free classroom signs
  • Dairy allergy warnings
  • Allergy desk signs that can be laminated
  • Fourth of July, Christmas, Graduation, etc. nut free party signs (who knew these even existed)?
  • Food Allergy luggage tags that can be laminated and hole punched
  • Allergy Free Lunch Table Signs


The site offered far too many food allergy printable items to list!  Apparently, the goal of this site is to offer activities for children that can printed out along with activity ideas.  I still don’t fully understand who this group is but they have a tab  on their site just for allergies and I thank them for that!

Therefore, thank you Kids Can Have Fun for including our food allergic children!  Our food allergic children have fun too–just safe fun!

Share this website with your food allergy friends, it truly is the most interesting link I’ve discovered to date that I think will be very useful to schools.  I really liked the signage for the lunch table and classroom signs.  I’ve already forwarded this site to my school nurse.

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