Ready to Evacuate

We are ready!  Are you?  The kind folks at my beloved Sunbutter invited me to guest blog about our how our family manages our Food Allergy and Asthma Emergency Kit.  Basically, our kit is a shelf in my pantry of food allergy safe foods that are non-perishable and a shelf that sits in a hall closet that holds all of our asthma medications in the event we need to evacuate, which living in a State that is home to many wild fires, this is a not a bad thing!

My Emergency stash of food allergy safe foods
Tuna, Soy milk, Sunbutter and Crackers–that’s how we evacuate with food allergies in my house!

You’ll find our favorite on there too!  With a photo of our family friend Lou and his son being goofy with our caramel corn on family game night.  I warned him that I was going to allow his photo on the internet and he just didn’t believe me.  At some point this weekend, I will call him to let him know that his mouth is on display for all to see.

Bottom line regarding being ready for an Emergency Evacuation is to truly think out what do you really need and how will you carry it.  Simple.  When you plan ahead you do not have to put on your thinking cap during a crisis, you just go right into response mode and carry out your plan.

Hope your weekend includes a few minutes of thinking about what would you take if you had to evacuate-Caroline




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