Put Your Feet Up Wednesday–I'll put 'em up only for a short time…

Well, thankfully my self imposed Wednesday break is here!  The week has been short so I feel like I am cheating since I just slept in on Monday.  Today is fabulously exciting!  Today, my pal and website developer/photographer/creative designer/chocolate cake eating gal Rita is going to show me the pictures we took last week to create my new www.Gratefulfoodie.com banner!  YAY!!!!  I am so excited that I can’t wait to see what she created.  Rita is a lovely friend and next Wednesday we are taking time off to have a picnic in the park to babble on about nothing useful to anyone but the moment-but today is all about blogland.

My feet at Lake Tahoe

But…in the true spirit of rejuvenation on Wednesday, I am kicking my feet up on my desk with a Martha Stewart Living Magazine.   Wait until you see Friday’s posting of the most hilarious (yes, food can be funny), tasty, easy and super fast dessert that I took from one of her magazines and gave it a FOOD ALLERGY MAKE-OVER!  It is my current favorite dessert and I will make it until the kids beg me to stop.

Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope you take a moment to re-energize too, but most of all, I hope you take a moment to enjoy and count all the wonderful things you have in your life today.

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