Planning for Seasonal Allergies (hay fever)

Yesterday, I was pleased and surprised to see my article submitted to our local newspaper, seasonal allergies, about Planning Ahead to Alleviate Allergies (seasonal).  I was enjoying my morning at our School Nurse Appreciation Breakfast (it was a wonderful event…I will post a blog about it later) when a nurse mentioned the story.  In my morning rush, I drove right over the paper in the driveway and then did not stop to pick up it.  Serves me right eh?  Nevertheless, I was very happy to have the opportunity to share very simple seasonal allergy tips.

Check out my article, Planning Ahead to Alleviate Allergies (seasonal), I hope you find some tips that work for you!  The tips are my must-live-by steps that help the season move along.  Although, this year, my biggest fear is wildfire and the rough air quality that comes along with it.  The winter was dry and warming up already.  I’m trying to stay as positive as possible.

I would appreciate hearing your tips too!  I am updating some of my pages on this site and I want to include Planning Ahead to Alleviate Allergies (seasonal) tips that work–tips from real folks with real solutions.

Thanks for sharing!-Caroline


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