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My children enjoyed their very first professional bakery cake from Sensitive Sweets on our recent trip to Southern California!  Even though selfishly I want this bakery to be near me, the dedicated gluten, nut, dairy, egg, and soy free Sensitive Sweets is located very conveniently right off the 405 freeway in Fountain Valley (Los Angeles, CA).  Even better:  they are not far from Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network’s Food Allergy Conference, so if you are making a Disney trip, you need to seriously consider a pilgrimage to this Mecca of gluten, nut, dairy, egg and soy free cake heaven.

gluten free nut free dairy, egg an soy free birthday cake

After spending five heavenly days in San Diego, we drove back up to Torrence (Los Angeles area) to visit family and attend the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network’s Food Allergy Conference.  Our plan to was to make our pilgrimage to Sensitive Sweets to try out the goodies, then order a cake for the following week if it tasted as good as it looks.

sensitive sweets food nut free display case

Success!  Not only did we meet Melanie, the owner, we ate over $30 worth of cupcakes, cake pops and lemon bars which was just enough to give everyone a happy stomach ache.  While we were stuffing our faces, Melanie was off to the side actually supporting and guiding a new patron through the world of food allergies.

first nut and dairy free cupcake

My son’s first bakery cupcake EVER!

My thirteen year old son even commented that the owner bakes AND counsels, talk about full service!  Melanie has food allergies herself, plus one son with food allergies and another with autism.  She understands cross contact, the need to be included and safe.

Melanie sensitive sweets

The lemon bars were perfect and the chocolate cupcake moist with great texture and flavor.  We all know that with gluten-free baking, either the desert is a hit or a huge disaster.  There is no middle ground.  The chocolate cake/cupcake was our favorite, so we decided we would call back and order a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, white icing with fondant decorations.  My personal favorites were the lemon bars and chocolate iced brownies.

Sensitive Sweets gluten free lemon bar

My daughter wanted penguins on the cake, so we decided to celebrate both my children’s and nephew’s birthdays while visiting our family.  His new bride, Lauren, who we simply adore, thought the Minnie Mouse cake was fun when we were scrolling through the cake gallery photos with my daughter.  We discovered her birthday was close so we wanted to surprise her and  and celebrate her birthday too.  It was a fun and very special for my kids to share their first bakery cake with their cousin and brand new “cousin in-law”.   Melanie merged the two styles together of penguin and Minnie Mouse and gave us a fabulous cake with penguins and Minnie Mouse motifs.

sensitive sweets adorable nut, dairy and gluten free cake

Sensitive sweet’s fondant is  marshmallow based and quite tasty.  The fondant cakes were simply gorgeous hands down, make sure you check out cake gallery photos…the Mini Mouse Cake is painfully cute.  Fondant cakes are not inexpensive, but quite honestly in our world,  a tasty nut, dairy and gluten-free cake is rare and worth every single penny and the drive.

Sensitive Sweets Cake display

You can order mixes, cupcakes, cookies and bread online and have them shipped!  Since it is summer, you should certainly check in to see which items are realistic to ship.  Cakes can only be picked up in store and they sell custom fancy decorated cupcakes, but you should call to see if they can ship those.

sensitive sweets gluten free, nut free, dairy and egg free, soy free mixes

After enjoying a very special and tasty experience, I highly recommend putting this stop on your Los Angeles vacation itinerary or at least consider online ordering.   It was well worth the drive (40 minutes) from my sister in-laws house and it tickled me to see my kids SOOOOO happy about something so simple that they were sharing with their family.

Sensitive Sweets postcard

We are official fans of the Sensitive Sweet’s dedicated peanut, tree nut, gluten, soy, egg and dairy free bakery! Thank you Melanie for creating something so very special for my family.

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