My dream come true…

… a local, food allergy friendly gluten-free, nut free, dairy free, egg and soy free bakery that makes cool and interesting looking cakes!!!!  Now, the hard part:  it’s not my local….Sensitive Sweet is located in Fountain Valley, CA.  The good news is that they are located a mere 40 minutes (considering no traffic) from my in-law’s house!!!!  Yes, I map quested them!  SCORE!  Next time we head to LA for a family event or my son’s birthday, I can buy him an awesome cake!!  Can I tell you how many times I baked items in the homes of our family worrying about cross contact, etc.  I sweated and popped a gray hair each time.  What a joy to be able to buy something that I know is safe.  Even better, what a joy that our family can give the kids safe treats openly and freely from a dedicated gluten and nut free facility!

Sensitive Sweets food allergy safe cake

Once again, I am doing my food allergy treat happy dance today. 

Apparently, Melanie, the owner and genius behind the bakery began her journey into the world of sugar and treats as a result of finding fabulous solutions for her food allergic son.  Her challenge was that her son is allergic to gluten but too often enough, gluten-free products contained other ingredients that were on his allergen list.  After decorating a cantaloupe for his first birthday she set out on a mission to create a great tasting cake that also looked good!

allergy friendly lemon bars

I can’t wait for my next trip to LA just to make a pilgrimage to this bakery.  My relatives are always so patient with me since when I come to visit I always some sort of spot I want to visit.  This time, my quest will be to eat our way to Fountain Valley and back!  I’ve started playing around with myself fondant too and really like what I saw on Sensitive Sweet’s Wedding Cake Photo Gallery on their site.  These cakes are just so elegant and lovely to look at   I have to say, I’ve always had a fear of making my children’s wedding cake and then dropping it as we set up.  So, if the kids marry in Southern California, this won’t be an issue!

elegant allergy friendly cake

The cupcakes look very festive and fun too!  All I can say is that if you live in Southern California, can you check this place out and comment??!?!

Does everything taste as good as it looks?  It just has to taste wonderful based on all the good press I read.  I really am inspired now to bake some fun things this week for Valentine’s day using a Vegan and nut free Marshmallow Fondant Recipe.

food allergy friendly minnie mouse cupcake

Please let me know if you have visited Sensitive Sweets and what is your favorite item they sell!  I saw that they sell lemon bars, cookies and even bread!  Too bad they don’t ship, but everything is fresh, so I undertstand.

Hope your day is sweet (ah, I couldn’t resist the bad joke)-Caroline

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