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Back-to-school is almost here, so I am ordering our Auvi-Q® and EpiPen® carriers, belts and holders right now.  The reason?  I need time in case the products are not a good fit for my children.   Most of the businesses I listed below do not know I’ve written this post, all my thoughts are my own and I was not paid to say anything kind or unkind for that matter!  My goal is to share epinephrine auto-injector carrier  or holder possibilities.  So if you have a favorite that I did not list, please add it to the comments below and I’ll copy it into the body of this post.

Disclaimer:  Gratefulfoodie does not endorse or sponsor the products listed below.  Nor has  Gratefulfoodie been paid to include these products.  My goal is to provide you with some ideas of products that might improve life with food allergies.

 Epi Essential purse insideInside view of one part of my daughter’s “stepping out bag” by Epi Essentials that holds her two EpiPen® one inhaler, bracelets and numerous rocks.

For my family, we maintain several different varieties of carriers based on our activity:  special events, for school, for sports, hiking, and being in warm weather.  Many of the products below also accommodate asthma inhalers too.

alert wear epineprhine carriers

 carrier from AlertWear.com

Popular Auvi-Q® and EpiPen®  carriers or holders…

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  • Best EpiPen belt is a favorite amongst many food allergy moms.  One Spot Allergy sells the OneSpot Allergy in both adult and child sizes.   SPECIAL NOTE:  OneSpot Allergy is offering a 10% off discount until Sept 30th.  Use coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL at check out.
  • Allergy Apparel™ is another fabulous, fashion forward and efficient Food Allergy Mom operated company that offers a huge assortment of painfully creative Auvi-Q® and EpiPen® carriers, pouches and belts.  I just discovered their Kool Epi Pen® Blanket on this site in addition to a great food allergy awareness lunch box.  We hit 106° here in Reno, NV not long ago and my daughter used the Kool Epi Pen Blanket to run errands!  My daughter’s favorite carrier is still her bright blue camo belt (she is a tomboy by the way).  Allergy Apparel™ also sells some of the cutest allergy awareness clothing that I have seen!
  • Epi Essentials™ products are what us girls in my family use when stepping out in style!  My daughters carries the Epi Essential Grab and Go bag and I carry the Accessory Case.  They are made of gorgeous leather, can hold antihistamine in custom-made bottles and Emergency information cards–besides being so smart-looking.   My daughter is not interested in the Auvi-Q®, so we have not tried it out in her handbag but my Accessory Case holds the epinephrine auto-injector just fine.
  • Alert Wear  sells holders so insanely adorable that I want to place an order to use the holders for other things!  Since many of her items are custom-made, you need to order early!  Some of their holders are created to accommodate asthma inhalers in addition to both popular epinephrine auto-injectors.
  • @Risk Rescue offers some products that have me very interested.  I’m in the process of ordering–they are from Canada and do not have online US ordering abilities at the moment.  The pouch I’m looking at is one that clips into a binder.  At this moment, my son carries his EpiPens® in a pencil-case with EPIPEN written across the front with a Sharpie.  @Risk Rescue also sells a full kit that can hold up to 20 EpiPens® for multiple students.  I’ll report back on the shipping and ordering process .
  • Blue Bear Aware offers epinephrine holders, food allergy awareness tee shirts, books and even labels!
  • Activeaide sells several great holders, but our favorites are the hard case style  and a hysterical animal carrier.  My daughter tested out the animal carrier and LOVED it!  I like the hard case to carry my in big mess of a purse.  They also sell asthma inhaler pouches and children’s asthma books.  My son’s Auvi-Q®fit well in the two carrier just fine but the single carrier didn’t work out.
  • Rescue Shot offers colorful ballistic nylon carries to find the Auvi-Q® or any long pen shaped epinephrine auto-injector.
  • Preppy Epi’s name just makes me smile!  They offer simple and to the point neoprene pouches with nice big labeling.
  • Allergy Haven is a sunny, California based company that sells three styles of very hip epinephrine carriers:  a tote, a strap and belt.  They are quite unique and worth checking out.  They even sell a single dose plastic bottles to hold Benedryl and nut free slap bracelets.  This site really offers up some unique but useful food allergy items on their Helpful Things page.  They offer free shipping on orders over $25 in the continental US.
  • Allergy Pack offers a holder that can hold two EpiPen®plus an inhaler.  My son uses Allergy Pack holders when he hikes-it’s a family favorite.
  • Omaxcare® is all about the active kid, teen and adult.  Their options are waste bands style and leg band style.  You have to check out their website since there is a photo of lady using the leg band on her thigh!  I cracked up as I had a vision of some sexy movie star whipping out her Auvi-Q® from her thigh holster.  In reality, for an evening out of dancing for  young lady, this might not be bad option!
  • Kozy Epi offers carriers, labels and even Allerbling food allergy ID kits.  Truly a great place to shop for many food allergy awareness items.
  • Allermates sell many styles of carriers, pouches and awareness items.  You can even find their items in major US retailers, such as CVS, etc.
  • Safety Sacks are an old favorite in my family.  We used them mostly when my kids where younger since this sack is clear!  My son’s preschool used it to hang his emergency medications on the door frame of the classroom.
  • Pillow Sew Cute creates hand crafted pouches that can carry a wide variety of epinephrine auto-injectors and other medications or items.
  • SPIbelt is one that is new to me.  They offer a variety of Small Personal Item belts (hence the name) and there is one variety specifically that is for kids and adults that looks like it will work for Epi Pens.  A parent below mentioned this belt and I have vague memory of another friend using this product too.
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Epi Essential red purse Full view of the EpiPen®

Please share your favorite Auvi-Q®  or EpiPen® carrier or holders!  The more information we share together the better life becomes!

p.s.  We always carry two epinephrine auto-injectors in our family–in case there is a second reaction or emergency medical response is delayed!