I Missed a Food Allergy App–My Food Facts..

Thanks to Yael Kozar, chairwoman of the Los Angeles, CA, FAAN Walk for Food Allergy, here is another very interesting food allergy application: My Food Facts.  This iPhone app allows you to scan a bar code of a product you are checking out in the grocery store with your iPhone camera for immediate access to ingredient information.   This video does a great job explaining the beauty of this My Food Facts app.

I am truly quite sad that I do not own an iPhone so I can have access to this impressive app.  Not only for my food allergy sourcing, but for avoiding GMOs, ingredient derivatives  and eating healthier I believe this app is a great tool that gives value to using smart phones.  My husband avoids all technology as much as possible and I think this little item might sway his thinking?!?!

my food facts app

Thanks Yael  for sharing and being on it and sharing My Food Facts iPhone app…and good luck in October with your FAAN Walk for Food Allergy–keep up the good work!

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        • Sue says

          Would love it if you could find out how. I spoke with a supervisor with the Iphone apps and they said it couldn’t be done unless you had a Canadian account. I would love to have this app.

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