Free EpiPens for Qualifying Schools Program

The internet is buzzing with this new piece of news:  Mylan is offering 4 free Epi Pens for Qualifying schools Program!  This is good news since they cost roughly $225 per two pack (they are not sold in singles).  The questionable news is that what does qualifying actually mean?

My son is about to attend a private school.   Are private schools included?  Bioridge Pharma, who is managing this program offered this statement on their site, “A school/school district will only receive EpiPen Auto-Injectors in accordance with all applicable laws. The school/school district must submit a valid prescription for EpiPen Auto-Injector(s) in order to qualify for this program. Mylan Specialty reserves the right to modify or discontinue the EpiPen4Schools and school discount programs at any time and without prior notice.”

Update as of August 20th, 2012:  Yes, private schools are included in the Epipens 4 School program!

I am assuming the applicable laws  are regarding states that allows schools to maintain stock epinephrine.  Currently, there are a few states that require each school to maintain stock epinephrine in addition to a few that have the choice to maintain epinephrine, but are not required to do so.  I hope to call  Bioridge Pharma, who seems to be administering the program, with my questions and report what I learn about the schools and if private schools are qualifying schools.  Nevertheless, this program should some schools in need.

Consider sharing this new Epipens® for Schools program with your school in the hopes that they are qualifying!

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    • says

      Hi Maria, the Epi pens seem to be only for the schools. Call their 800 number, they were very kind in answering my questions. If your child is a student, check with the clinic on site and also visit and click on first time users, then scroll down to clinics and you can search for clinics based on location. Some clinics are free or sliding scale.

  1. Dale Leary says

    Our school system is in need of epi pens and the cost is out of sight. Is there a chance we could get some of your free pens. Our district includes 3 elementary schools a middle school and high school. A few of the students have pens but most can not afford to carry their own and we try to supply at least one pack per school just in case. Ours are outdating and we could use a hand with the cost of these life saving devices.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!
    Dale Leary RN/CSN/BSN


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