Food Allergy Support for Hurricane Sandy

I’m in awe of our food allergy community.  I’ve been watching from my warm, dry and fully functioning home in Reno, NV, as emails,  Home Free Treats , blog and Home Free Treats posts fly by with stories of companies and individuals reaching out in response those suffering the aftermath of Home Free Treats .  It is times like this that you realize how amazing and powerful people can be during turbulent times.  I simply want to share what I’ve seen from my small perch in the world and I want to say thank you to those reaching out and doing good work!


In the last few days, I’ve been humbled by….

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Jeanette's healthy living oatmealJeanette’s Hurricane Sandy Oatmeal

It is humbling to see our community share concerns about others with special dietary needs and even more touching to see individuals reach deep into their own pockets and send safe and healthy foods or take time to share information and organize efforts.  Bravo!

wow butter individual pack

How you can help ….

special note:  if you are sending a direct donation of a food allergy friendly food, please make sure you have labeled that item clearly, so volunteers will know your donation is for special diets!

Jar of creamy Sunbutter

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  • Peanut Free Planet com is organization an effort to bring food allergy safe products to the Monmouth Food Bank.  YOU can donate to this by ordering a gift certificate and then write the word MONMOUTH in the comments section and they will choose appropriate staples to be shipped.  By the way, Peanut Free Planet will cover the shipping costs!
  • Cristina Ippolito Stainkamp, of Together We Are Strong Sandy Relief braceletsin New York, posted on Facebook that the Together We Are Strong Sandy Relief bracelets can receive donations of food allergy friendly items–send to this address:  Hurricane Sandy/Food Allergies to:
    Long Island Cares Inc.
    10 Davids Drive (Harry Chapin Way)
    Hauppauge, NY 11788-2039
    Phone (631) 582-FOOD
    note: please make sure you you indicate how the item is food allergy friendly, i.e. Nut free, dairy free..etc.
  • Buy Jewelry:  She Beads began selling for $32 with $22 being directly donated to

  • Lisa Giuriceo, group leader for the Food Allergy and Asthma Support group of Northern New Jersey and one serious volunteer who had motivated many companies to donate,  shared this address to send food allergy food to:

  • The Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Inc.
    3300 Route 66
    Neptune, NJ 07753


Sandy Relief Bracelets

Sending good thoughts to our fellow Americans for a smooth recovery and the strength to move forward each day with good energy and healing.

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