Finding affordable Epi Pens; I searched and this is what I found..

Exciting update (July 16th, 2012):  I found the Mylan Specialty Epi Pen® Assistance my blog, “Eureka, I Found the Epi Pen® Assistance Program”

Update (August 21st, 2012):  visit 3.  RX and click on the First Time Users link to find access to coupons, clinics, patient assistance programs, etc.

I decided to google the term Epi Pen® coupon and Epi Pen® discount to see what comes up and what I could find.  All sorts of “junk” popped up and I began my sorting.  I did find several affordable Epi Pen® possibilities in the end of my quest.  One significant finding was all the Canadian mail order pharmacies.  Now, I can’t fully remember, but I believe it is not legal to purchase prescription medication with a prescription.  Quite frankly, it’s probably not safe either.  For a few reasons: temperature exposure–can the pharmacy guarantee the hot UPS truck isn’t in the sun all day long as your package waits to be delivered?  Is the Epi Pen®, really an Epi Pen made by Dey®?  I’ve always been the kind of gal who wants a second opinion and am just plain skeptical.  Therefore, for someone like me this is not an option to try to save money on purchasing Epi Pens®.

In my quest to find the smartest priced Epi Pen® 2-pack here are my results:

1.  Canadian pharmacies: no dice

NEW UPDATE as of July 12, 2012:  This site is the Amazon of medicines…you can even find the access to Mylan’s patient assistance program see by post for details: Discover Hot New Epi Pens and Med Discounts

2.  MedSaverCard–discount on Epi Pen 2-pack–my favorite choice. I used this last month to received $20 off a 2-pack purchase from Walmart.  SPECIAL NOTE: sometimes I have linked to this site and epinephrine is not included. You just need to keep on checking.

3.  RX–you can actually type in your zip code and desired medication and it will report the cost to you..which came up $3 dollars more than my savings with Walmart…but if one of the participating pharmacies is closer to your home then you’ll save $$$ on gas.

I am not sure about this website.  Just to find out if Epi Pens or epinephrine were covered I was asked to sign up.   The terms on the bottom of the page stated they could not guarantee accuracy of information on the website?  This made me feel uncomfortable as I envisioned hundreds of Viagra ads being delivered to my inbox.  I did not complete the sign up and I’ll never know if this group is legit or not.

5.  Pick up the telephone and call around.  Ask what is the retail cost.  Walmart and Costco in my neighborhood seem to be the best.  Even though I enjoy the personal service from my small independent pharmacy, I can’t afford to my Epi Pens from them and I use them for other health needs.

The Bottom Line for me:  stick to a local pharmacy where you can reject and say no to an Epi Pen® that has a short expiration date where you also have immediate access to a pharmacist and simply shop coupons and local pricing.







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