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If you have not visited Indulging with Allergies blog site yet, then you might be deprived of adorable ideas!  We are making the mini cherry pies (on a stick though) today and the Rice Krispie Treat Sparkler as well!  I have all of ingredients ready to rock and this will be our 4th of July morning fun.

pie starsPhoto courtesy of Indulging with Allergies

I just love the name of this site: Indulging with Allergies….it feels so decadent.  Sometimes when baking for food allergies, I don’t feel decadent or elegant either.  This site offers us fabulous links to really darling and creative recipe and craft ideas.  It is clear many hours are put into sharing these great finds with us.  I think I am more excited for the baking today than the kids are.  I will post photos of our culinary outcome.

4th of july

Happy 4th of July–be safe–on all levels!

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