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My fingers are flying over the keyboard today as I order up and shop for my food allergy friendly, meaning, peanut free, tree nut free, dairy and egg free Easter goodies this week!  I need to continue ordering ASAP before everything runs out!!!  I made that mistake last year as drove from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart in search of Gimbal’s Jelly Beans  and was up late baking and making chocolate bunnies that were less than attractive but still said, “celebrate”.  This year I’m talking about chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Peeps and Skittles–so I put together a quick down and dirty list of links to share with you!

nut free dairy free Easter candy from Amanda's Own

Treats from Amanda's own that are going into our Easter baskets this year. Shhh, don't tell!


My son’s very first fancy candy were Amanda’s Own Confection’s chocolate soldiers.  They were handled like gold in our household.  Deemed food allergy unworthy, we hid them from my dad who lives with us. Only my son and his food allergic friends were invited to eat the “fancy” chocolates.  This year the kids are going to be surprised with Amanda’s Own Confection chocolate Easter Bunnies and foil wrapped bunnies too.  In our world, they have never eaten anything foil wrapped.  We’re so easily pleased and entertained that it will be a HUGE treasure on Easter morning!  Doesn’t take much to make us happy.  Clearly, Amanda’s Own Confection holds a special spot in our hearts for providing us with one of our first “normal” holiday moments.

Food Allergy Friendly Easter Candy Shopping Ideas…(nut free, gluten, egg and dairy free ideas for sure)

Peanut Free Easter Basket

Peanut Free Sweet Tooth Easter Basket

Amanda’s Own Confections -HUGE assortment of Easter Bunnies, chocolate lollipops (you can even purchase Passover chocolate lollipops), chocolate Easter bars and medallions, plus jelly beans (deadline to order is March 27th or while supplies last).

Peeps - Okay, so these are really just dyed sugar, but they just scream Easter to my kids!  My god-daughter makes a Peep basket each year for our Easter Luncheon.  She impales Peeps on the ends of skewers that are secured into a foam brick hidden under Easter grass in an Easter Basket. She even does a day ahead to make sure they a tad “crunchy”.  Yup, I can out eat any kids on Easter Sunday!  You can order Peeps online or most grocery stores stock them.  I just realized that on the Peep website you can find recipes too?!? Who knew?

Peanut Free Sweet Tooth – Offers a full selection from many food allergy friendly manufacturers but most of all…they offer a pre-made Food Allergy friendly Easter Basket!  I just found out they can custom make Easter Baskets to find your food allergy needs!  Sweet–pun intended!

Divvies – Choose chocolate bunnies or jelly beans for Easter, but I love those Bingo bars and would go for those myself!  Free shipping on orders over $40 ends today, Monday, March 5, 2012.

Vermont Nut Free – My family can’t enjoy these treats since most contain dairy, but they offer a big assortment of chocolate bunnies, lollipops and gift baskets that get rave reviews!

Indie Candy - Thankfully, a reader shared this “late entry” onto my blog.  Their products are free of the eight major allergens, natural–no funky dyes and their gelatin is even Kosher!  I found chocolate bunnies, lollipops and watermelon gummy bunnies on their site.  Looks like another winner.

Surf Sweets – These gummy candies and jelly beans would be great to add to your own Easter Basket or fill up plastic eggs!  Their products are free of the eight major allergens (wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish).

Gimbals - Jelly Beans and Candies!  These are just beloved staples in our household and fill plastic eggs quite well.  We love combining the flavors to create interesting taste recipes.  Once again, it doesn’t take much to make us happy.

peanut and tree nut free cream filled Easter Egg

Do you have any Easter treat favorites to share? Or better yet?  A great recipe for cupcakes or a cake???  I want to make some sort of cool cake or dessert this year for Easter Sunday.  I’m tired of my Easter Cupcakes.  I need something new!  Suggestions?

Happy Monday to you!-Caroline


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