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My hopes for a simple alternative to Epi Pens® has taken a bit of an interesting turn.  It seems that Sanofi’s new product, the Click this link to watch the video of how to use the Auvi-Q epinephrine Autoinjector, which has just received FDA approval, but is not on the market…yet, is also a talking device.  Yes, you heard me.  The  epinephrine autoinjector Auvi-Q’stalks!

 Auvi-Q.  You really need to see the video to understand.

Auvi-Q epinephrine autoinjector

Needless to say my curiosity is off the hook.   I truly love the idea of the epinephrine autoinjector providing recorded direction of usage.  Good idea Sanofi! I want to know everything I can about this new talking device, such as….

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  • How much will it cost?
  • When will be available?
  • It is easier to use than the Epi Pen®?
  • It is easy to carry?
  • What does my allergist think of it?
  • Will insurance cover this devise?
  • How long is the shelf life?


Visiting Auvi-Q’s website does provide some answers, such as the size is a mere 3.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide with the thickness of a cell phone.  This is very attractive to me as my teen age son struggles with the length of his current Epi Pen®.  Something he can easily slip into his back packet may have some serious value.  Actually, this unit is smaller than my cell phone, which is 5 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick!

Auvi-Q is small than my cell phone

The website also provides prescribing information plus a Auvi-Q Fact Sheet (or click on this link for the PDF), which details features and how to get Sanofi Press Release.  The website also detailed how to use the Auvi-Q trainer and provided a detail AuviQ Trainer instruction.  You can sign up at the Patient Connection to be notified when the product is available on the market!   Sanofi Press Release discusses that a bioequivalence clinical study was conducted and  the Auvi-Q and Epi Pen both delivered the right amount of epinephrine the same!  So, we’re talking apples to apples here regarding epinephrine delivery.

I truly hope that when the product comes available, the price is truly more affordable and reasonable!  Please share if you hear first about availability and/or if you have used one!  I’d love to hear how folks are enjoying or not enjoying this product.  By the way, Sanofi does offer a Patient Assistance program called Patient Connection that is available on their main website.

Auvi-Q, I hope you deliver on what you are saying: you’ll provide us with an efficient epinephrine autoinjector that provides a recorded verbal message directing a user through usage!

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