Valentine's Day love with Food Allergies

Send a heart to your love…A chocolate heart that is!  Okay nut free chocolate heart!!  This is what I dug up this week in the way of Valentine’s Day hearts available via the Internet that are food allergy friendly!  I love chocolate and try to consider it a food group, so I was very pleased to see how far we’ve come along in our food allergy world regarding the chocolate choices out there!  In the last eleven years of managing food allergies, I’ve never seen such a large good-looking group of choices.  Yay for us!  Many of these companies were started by folks like us, parents with children with food allergies.

Later this week, I’ll blog about non-food ideas for classrooms that we’ve used in the past that we’re winners, but for now, let’s talk chocolate!

Special Note:  as always, read allergen statements closely and call these companies to confirm the allergens and risk of cross contact to your specific health and dietary needs.


Food Allergy Friendly Chocolate Valentine’s Day Hearts and gifts…

Vermont Nut free chocolate valentine hearts box

Vermont Nut free Valentine’s Day candy: there are NO NUTS in this facility, but dairy, egg and wheat can be found.  Many years ago the only way to give or receive a heart box, was to buy one and make your chocolates.  Look how far we’ve come.

two-food allergy friendly chocolate hearts

Divvies Valentine themed Candy:  No peanuts, no tree nuts, no egg, no dairy and gluten-free!  This is the favorite chocolate for my kids, especially their caramel corn and Bingo bars.

Valentine's Day purse holding dairy egg nut and gluten free chocolates

Amanda’s Own Valentine’s Day Chocolates: No dairy, no egg, no gluten and NO PEANUT OR TREE NUTS!  Her shaped chocolates are soooo darling!

food allergy friendly lollipops

Indie Candy…artisan candy made free of the 8 major allergens plus no dyes!  I have never enjoyed a chocolate lollipop before and these look very interesting.


nut free, dairy free chocolate Valentine's Day gift box!

Royal Gift Basket Company offers many different types of allergen friendly combination such as Gluten free baskets, gluten and peanut and tree nut free and dairy free. They offer a huge selection, so I have probably missed some more details of what they offer.

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Have fun shopping for Allergy Friendly Chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts, I’m so grateful for all the choices we have-Caroline

p.s., If I missed your favorite food allergy friendly chocolate, please comment or email me (!





  1. leann says

    indie candy also makes loads of beautiful and delicious chocolate bon bons in really interesting and tasty flavors. may favorites are the ginger, the orange and the peppermint, but i haven’t tried one that i haven’t loved! :-) they also have adorable gummies for valentine’s day in all natural flavors like watermelon and cherry. very, very tasty!


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