FREE School Food Allergy Posters

School has begun nationwide the need for additional food allergy education is at it’s peak!  below is a quick roundup of FREE (yes, once again my favorite word is being used) downloadable posters, labels and even stickers that will get you well on your way to keeping your child with life threatening food allergies […]

Teacher’s Union Above Safety and 504?

Friday’s Food for Thought post should really be called, Friday’s shock at humanity.   CBS New York posted a story, “L.I. Girls Parents Told Teachers Have Right to Eat Nuts in Classroom.”   Alrighty.  You know where I am going with this headline!  The local teacher’s union is refusing to require teachers to follow […]

Nutty or Nutfree at School?

Last week was all about valuable blog posts kicking off important conversation  by Homa (Dangerous: Splitting Up EPI Two Packs) and Allergy Eats, “Nutfree Schools or Not?  Parents Weigh In”.  The latter post detailed the results of survey conducted by C.S Motts Children Hospital at the University of Michigan, “Most parents don’t favor bans […]

2 Biggest School Food Allergy Mistakes

Friday Food For Thought:  After speaking to a school nurse the other day, I was reminded of the two biggest mistakes us food allergy parents make every year!  Sometimes, these two errors are simply born out out of parents still riding the learning curve or possibly from us letting down our guard and being […]