Friday Food for Thought: Field Trip Fatigue

Between both of my children, they have been on 72 field trips to date.  That is 56 for my son, who I am counting all his high school away soccer games and track meets and 16 field trips for my daughter.  I am grateful that I was blessed with two children to fuss over, […]

Friday Food for Thought: Those Who Don’t Get Allergy

Every single school year, without fail, I meet at least one other parent of a food allergic child who does NOT carry epinephrine and/or who has NOT had their child diagnosed by a board certified allergist.  They give me the same statement over and over, “oh, my son does not like peanut and knows […]

Friday Food for Thought: Ask the Kids

All of this debate about students being denied their rights to cupcakes is getting to the point of embarrassment.  Watching grown adults engaging in serious conversation over children not being able to celebrate their birthday at school with a cupcake versus endangering a child’s life is beyond me.  BUT, it occurred to me the […]

Allergy Education: Teach Our Youth?

Recently, I showed a small group of college students the airline travel video, “More than an Inconvenience”,  created by Amy Wicker, founder of Allergy Safe Travel.  I watched their transformation as the short minutes ticked on and the words of real people, with real life threatening challenges filled the quite room.  They were silent, […]