Friday Thoughts: Back to School Planning in July!

I know it’s only July but we are actually running out time to get ready for school to start back up!  When managing life threatening food allergies and asthma, we have an extra dose of “gotta do” in getting ready for school.  My “nice to do” list is buying school supplies and maybe even […]

Friday Thoughts: Awards for Food Allergy Rock Stars

This Friday’s Food for Thought is about what I  learned from The Food Allergy Education Network (FAEN), founded by my friend Gina Mennett Lee.  FAEN annually honors “those who care for our children” via their FAEN Hero awards.  Gina’s group recognizes during Food Allergy Awareness week, adults and children who have “demonstrating diligence in […]

Dear Teacher of my Food Allergic Child

I wish I had written this letter in the fall, when school started.  As a teacher, you are the next most important and influential person in my child’s life.  As the school year ends, cards and gifts will flow to you with words of gratitude and how teachers change the world one child at […]

Friday Food for Thought: Field Trip Fatigue

Between both of my children, they have been on 72 field trips to date.  That is 56 for my son, who I am counting all his high school away soccer games and track meets and 16 field trips for my daughter.  I am grateful that I was blessed with two children to fuss over, […]