What Went Wrong w/School Allergic Reaction

There are several lessons here that we all need to pay attention to:  especially teachers and school staff.  Thankfully, this story ended well and a life was not loss.  KWWL in Iowa reported this story yesterday, "Student has allergic reaction after gives peanut butter sandwich."  Apparently, there was a kitchen mix up and peanut butter was used instead of a sunflower seed … [Read more...]

Will Your Child be Included this Halloween?

This is a hot topic right now in my household: how to stay included while including others for Halloween. Since this is the one day of out of the year that can deliver true danger to our food allergy community, we focus on inclusion and safety.  Since inclusion is key I want to bring up my Dear Teacher of  My Food Allergic Child  post that detailed how students are excluded and … [Read more...]

Parents ARE the Change Makers

I have always loved this phrase:  boots on the ground! That completely describes you and me.  We are all boots on the ground food allergy types.   Today, I'm asking you to explore another way of raising awareness and saving lives by participating in a webinar!  We all play a role (unknowingly) and the magical key for change is a simple understanding:  it's within our reach!  … [Read more...]

FREE School Food Allergy Posters

School has begun nationwide the need for additional food allergy education is at it's peak!  below is a quick roundup of FREE (yes, once again my favorite word is being used) downloadable posters, labels and even stickers that will get you well on your way to keeping your child with life threatening food allergies safer at school while promoting awareness.  I really enjoyed the … [Read more...]

Teacher's Union Above Safety and 504?

Friday's Food for Thought post should really be called, Friday's shock at humanity.   CBS New York posted a story, "L.I. Girls Parents Told Teachers Have Right to Eat Nuts in Classroom."   Alrighty.  You know where I am going with this headline!  The local teacher's union is refusing to require teachers to follow a child with a nut allergy's accomodations.  The teachers want to … [Read more...]