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Back-to-School welcomes excitement, learning and flat-out stress for parents of children with life threatening allergies. The stress is unavoidable and is our reality, but the good news is that we can take steps to reduce that stress and create an environment that works to keep our children safe at school.  On this site, under Resources, I have created a School Solutions: … [Read more...]

Sweet Granola Squares Are Allergy Pleasing

Sweet Granola squares nut free gluten free dairy free, egg free

Sweet, chewy with rich sunbutter or soynut butter accented by dark chocolate chunks and tangy Craisin pieces make this easy Sweet Granola Squares recipe a home run.  The good stuff: packs well for school lunches, snacks-plus both kids and adults love it all while being gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free!  I revised this recipe and tested it on non-food allergic … [Read more...]

School Solutions: FREE EpiPens 4 Schools

epi pens 4 schools

School Solutions: Spread the word and never assume everyone knows about this program:  Free EpiPens® 4 Schools sponsored by Mylan, the makers of the EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injector.  I thought all of the schools in my state knew of this program and I recently learned they had not!  So, please share this information since most school districts these days can use the extra … [Read more...]

What Went Wrong w/School Allergic Reaction

There are several lessons here that we all need to pay attention to:  especially teachers and school staff.  Thankfully, this story ended well and a life was not loss.  KWWL in Iowa reported this story yesterday, "Student has allergic reaction after gives peanut butter sandwich."  Apparently, there was a kitchen mix up and peanut butter was used instead of a sunflower seed … [Read more...]

Will Your Child be Included this Halloween?

This is a hot topic right now in my household: how to stay included while including others for Halloween. Since this is the one day of out of the year that can deliver true danger to our food allergy community, we focus on inclusion and safety.  Since inclusion is key I want to bring up my Dear Teacher of  My Food Allergic Child  post that detailed how students are excluded and … [Read more...]