My Food Allergy Dream Came True

My children enjoyed their very first professional bakery cake from Sensitive Sweets on our recent trip to Southern California!  Even though selfishly I want this bakery to be near me, the dedicated gluten, nut, dairy, egg, and soy free Sensitive Sweets is located very conveniently right off the 405 freeway in Fountain Valley (Los Angeles, CA).  Even better:  they are not far … [Read more...]

My dream come true…

... a local, food allergy friendly gluten-free, nut free, dairy free, egg and soy free bakery that makes cool and interesting looking cakes!!!!  Now, the hard part:  it's not my local....Sensitive Sweet is located in Fountain Valley, CA.  The good news is that they are located a mere 40 minutes (considering no traffic) from my in-law's house!!!!  Yes, I map quested them!  … [Read more...]