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I am loving all of these allergy related fundraisers since we are creating donations from products we all use and enjoy.    Today’s fun is from Epi Essentials™!  Wahoo-they are offering FREE SHIPPING and 10% will be donated to the Las Vegas Food Allergy Walk when you use the coupon code FARELasVegas .  You know how much we love my daughter’s red Epi Essentials™  Grab and Go handbag.  Actually, last week when we were visiting a dear friend in Salt Lake City,we met up with Michelle Fogg  of Utah Food Allergy Network and administrator of A Shot to Live.  Her daughter was sporting the same fabulous red bag with the big medical charm zipper, but using the shoulder strap while my cherub was working the clutch look.  We just love this handbag.  I also carry the Accessory Case, which holds our back-up EpiPens® and inhaler.

Epi Essential purse inside

This photo of my daughter’s bag doesn’t show the area behind the emergency information card that can hold her Benedryl® chewables.

The kind folks at Epi Essentials™ are helping us Nevadans out by offering us this fabulous opportunity to raise funds for the only food allergy walk in Nevada.  Great programs were generated as a result of the funds raised by past Las Vegas walks.  Actually, hundreds of teachers and staff were educated regarding the management of students with life threatening food allergies.  Monies raised at the walk have made a real difference in our state.

Epi Essentials Fundraiser card

So, if you are in need of a smart looking purse/clutch or carrier please consider ordering while enjoying free shipping and raising funds!

p.s.  Visit Epi Essentials™  and use coupon code FARELasVegas to generate free shipping and a 10% donation-share the news!