School Ready-Epi Pen Holders, Carriers and Belts

For the most current list of Epinephrine Auto-injectors carriers, holders and belts, check out this post: List of Popular Epi Pen® and Auvi-Q® holders.

Yesterday I was tossing out lunch boxes worn down too far to be saved and digging through the closet to inspect Epi Pen® carriers and holders for school.  Some of our favorite and most beloved carriers have traveled their last trip to school and were retired.  So…I decided to check out what is out there in Cyberland that could fashionably but effectively hold life saving Epi Pens®.  Update September 2013:  List of Popular EpiPen and Auvi-Q carriers and Holders.

Allergy Protector from Allergy Apparel

There is a fine line between fashion and effective, the list below are companies that I have either tested out or friends use their products!  I personally like to use carriers/holders that scream, “I’m holding medication in here”.  Although, in reality, children and teens don’t want that plastered across their belongings so this list provides a nice assortment for many tastes and needs.

The Best EpiPen Belt from One Spot AllergyPhoto courtesy of

Epi Pen carriers or holders…

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  • One Spot Allergy™ is a favorite amongst many food allergy moms–and they are having a 10% off your entire order Back-to-School sale right now (use coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout).  One Spot Allergy sells three styles–an Epi Pen® carrying case, an Epi Pen® waist belt and a waterproof Epi Pen® holder (think kayaking, boating, etc.).
  • Allergy Apparel™ is another fabulous, fashion forward and efficient Food Allergy Mom operated company that offers a huge assortment of painfully creative Epi Pens® totes, pouches and belts.  I just discovered their Kool Epi Pen® Blanket.  We hit 102° here in Reno, NV yesterday and I wish I had one of these little numbers in my kid’s backpacks!  My daughter’s favorite carrier is still her bright blue camo belt (she is a tomboy by the way).
  • Activeaide™ sells two great holders: a hard case and a hysterical animal carrier.  My daughter tested out the animal carrier and LOVED it!  I like the hard case to carry my in big mess of a purse.  They also sell asthma inhaler pouches and children’s asthma books.
  • Allergy Haven is a sunny California based company that sells three styles of very hip epinephrine carriers:  a tote, a strap and belt.  They are quite unique and worth checking out.  They even sell a single dose plastic bottles to hold Benedryl and nut free slap bracelets.  This site really offers up some really unique but useful food allergy items on their Helpful Things page.  They offer free shipping on orders over $25 in the continental US.
  • Allergy Pack offers a holder that can hold two Epi Pens® plus an inhaler.  My son uses Allergy Pack holders when he hikes-it’s a family favorite.
  • Pillow Sew Cute–sells, via ETSY (if you have never visited, you simply must stop and check it out!), simple handmade pouches to hold medications–some can even be personalized.


epi pen belt from Allergy Havenphoto courtesy of

Needless to say, there some interesting packs out there these days.  Moons ago, when my son was younger it was hard to find durable Epi Pen® carrying totes, belts or  pouches, now we have many to choose from thanks to people who walk in our shoes.

 epipen belt black from Allergy ApparelPhoto courtesy of


Have a fabulous EpiPen® toting healthy and happy weekend!-Caroline

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  1. Sarah says

    Ann at (an etsy site) custom makes both waterproof and regular epipen, diabetes, asthma, etc. cases. She is fantastic. Hands down the best cases around!

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