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 Websites and links…keep your asthma under control

American Lung Association link for Asthma education includes; making treatment decisions, controlling your asthma, self management program for adults, asthma in school, in-depth resources, advocacy.

Everyone Breathe website from The Allergy and Asthma foundation of American includes: asthma basics, video, exploring treatment options, living with asthma, helping your child, working with your health care provider

Allergy and Asthma Medical Group of the Bay Area-I like this link since they offer an asthma control test and pollen count and this is the practice our family enjoys.

Mayo Clinic -good explanations of asthma symptoms, treatment, risks, lifestyle, tests diagnosis, coping, prevention and more

Kids Health-asthma explanation with sections for parents, kids and teens.  Information in Spanish.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Just for kid’s pages with videos, games, puzzles, etc.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention-Asthma Control Program is a nice document with great visuals explaining asthma, triggers and provides interesting statistics too!

Asthma Action Plans

asthma-action-plan from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

A must for every Asthmatic…Spacers–get the right dose with each puff

AeroChamber Spacer from Achoo Allergy…although, this website calls them Asthma Holding Chambers?  Since when does a chamber hold asthma?  But, I will do with this since this is my favorite spacer–they sell pediatric sizes too.

OptiHaler Spacer from National Allergy …now this one is called a Metered Dose inhaler and works well.


nurse head clip art

photo courtesy of openclipart.org

Avoid the flu (which is never an asthmatics friend)…

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Flu Shot information:  this link is to the CDC and offers key flu shot facts

WebMD:  this link offers information about the flu shot and side effects

Flu Shot Finder: provided by the American Lung Association to find you a location offering flu shots based on your zip code

Do Something about Asthma and Lung Disease

Action Network: join the American Lung Association Action Network and work with others link you across the nation to advocate on lung related topics