Raw Truth: Anaphylactic Reaction Upclose

A few weeks ago Jennifer, author of, It’s An Itchy Little World,  wrote a beautiful post, “It’s Just Not Worth the Risk: Our Anaphylactic Experience” about her son experiencing anaphylaxis after she gave him some feta cheese at home.  Disclaimer: I follow her blog and love her business The Eczema Company, so I’m biased and a fan.   I say this post was beautiful since, with such graceful truth, she detailed how the family managed the reaction and best of all; the learning from the experience that she lovingly shares with us.

Jennifer with her familyJennifer with her sons-photo courtesy of Itchy Little World.com

I believe as parents, we load on way too much guilt and try to clear the path for our children.  We just can’t do this realistically and I am truly humbled by Jennifer’s acceptance that by offering her son feta at home was something that is not worth the risk and she wants to shout it out loud to the rest of us.  Her family does not want us in the same boat!  In the same breathe, her family was a perfect example of how to respond to an emergency situation.  It is comforting to see everything fall into place  thanks to this family being prepared!

itchy little worldphoto courtesy of Itchy Little World.com

Even more heart warming, was her comment about how well she worked as a team with her husband!  I just wanted to cheer when I heard they didn’t lose their heads and stayed as a strong team.  One of my fears is that I’ll freeze up, yell at my hubby, or lose my head.  It is for this very reason we keep Emergency Action Plans in several places and discuss our plans often in the event of an emergency.

eczema companyIn addition to writing a beautiful blog, Jennifer also owns and operates The Eczema Company–

Jennifer, thank you for openly and freely sharing your experience so that we can all take away some of your learning too.  Most of all, I’m extremely happy that your son’s anaphylatic reaction ended well.  I still truly believe that all of us managing food allergies, either for ourselves or for our children, are somehow energetically connected by invisible threads and when something takes place, we all gasp, cry or cheer together.

strings attach food allergy community

Great blog post Jennifer, “It’s Just Not Worth the Risk: Our Anaphylactic Experience”  and let’s hope for more allergic reaction free days ahead!

UDPATE:  Just today, Jennifer posted a FOLLOW-UP BLOG POST:  “After Anaphylactic Reaction; the Road to Recovery”

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  1. says

    Thank you Caroline! I’m so humbled by all your kind words. It was a very difficult experience, but one my whole family learned a great deal from and pray we won’t ever have to repeat again. It’s funny timing on your post – like you said we have this invisible thread connecting us together as food allergy moms – as I just posted a follow-up story today about the road to recovery after anaphylaxis. http://itchylittleworld.com/2013/02/19/after-anaphylactic-reaction-the-road-to-recovery

    • says

      Jennifer, I learned invaluable lessons from your sharing. It was brave, honest and you enriched our community. I am going to update my post right now, with your updated posted! Ah, our thread holds tight I see!

  2. says

    I agree! So often, I think we feel pressure to reintroduce foods to our children and many times I asl, why? Do they NEED that food when there are so many other foods out there for them? It’s a difficult decision but it sounds like Jennifer did exactly what she needed too which is the most important thing!

    • says

      I’m with you Nutrimom, she handled the situation beautifully. I am very grateful for Jennifer sharing with us. I truly believe these blogs help us all realize our perfect imperfections and that we are all working towards a safe, healthy and happy life.

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