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Cucumber hearts Valentine's Day Hearts

True Story: Kids Loves These

Last Valentine's Day I made this darling platter of cucumber heart slices and imagine the shock I had when this was the first item to disappear!  Kids love sugar and kids love candy but like the rest of us, the same sweet treats get boring and a crisp fresh crunch can be a welcoming delight.  These are a … [Read More...]

Food Allergy Life Style

Eating Out

Tools to consider for Eating Out

Eating out with Food Allergies can be quite challenging.  For my family, we view eating out as a risk and we use a variety of tools to help us make educated choices. 
Most importantly, if we get a gut feeling something isn’t right, we leave or my children don’t eat the item and we find safe options elsewhere...Eating out Tips - Know before you Go [Read more...]

Glorious Food


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