Friday Food for Thought: 2 Awareness Challenges

After reading Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s post, “Epinephrine Access Slogs State by State, While Overdose Treatment is Fast Tracked”.  I couldn’t help but think about what are our country’s priorities and how are they determined?  Dr. Ehrlich details the FDA’s rush to approve a rescue medicine device, similar to an epinephrine auto-injector,  that drug users could […]

List of Peanut Free Easter Candy

We’re coming down the wire to Easter and here are some last minute candy ideas that you might be able to find in your local grocery store.  This year, for the first time EVER–I bought my kid’s commercial Easter baskets.  I have always created their baskets and some years they did not include candy.  […]

Just a little word about Food Allergen Cross Contact

Ouch!  I had a very tactile lesson the other day about cross contact that I thought was share worthy.  I decided to take a bottle of essential oil into the shower to add a peppermint flavor to the nice steam.  I had visions of my sinuses opening up and my seasonal allergy hay fever […]

Stop In The Name of Food Allergy Surveys!

Today I’m asking you to respond to  a special request from my son–we would greatly appreciate your support!!!  His goal is to create tools that will improve the lives of those with life threatening food allergies.

“Hi, I’m Cyrus and I’m asking you for a short amount of time to take a survey and if […]