Conscious Candy is Nut and Gluten Free!

My favorite five letter word is…Candy! I’m on a  Weight Watchers  program right now, so I’ve curbed my candy intake but I had to step out and order the Sampler Pack from Sun Cups. Not only was the candy tasty, but the company is socially conscious–bonus! My daughter and I sampled the nut free and gluten free cups since my son is allergic to dairy. Thought I would share the findings to our important candy research (wink, wink)!

Sun Cups Sampler Pack

First off, the Sun Cups were winners. They received the 4th grader seal of approval and the mommy stamp of I really like Sun Cups business model! Here is what we uncovered during our “serious” research:

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  • The Sampler Pack cost a mere $2.99 and free shipping.  I am personally tired of spending big $$$ to buy a bag of a specialty food only to discover that I don’t like it.
  • I believe they are only able to ship September through April – I am assuming the heat of late spring and summer is the cause.
  • We tested the Mint Cups, Caramel Cups, Dark Chocolate Sun Cups and Milk Chocolate Sun Cups.
  • When I had trouble at Check Out, I emailed the company to say that my order went through, but it had trouble.  They emailed back instantly wanting details.
  • The fillings are on the softer side, the caramel was like a Milk Chocolate Sun Cups, oozy goodness with chocolate. But this also means don’t eat it while driving!
  • The Sun Cups filled with sunbutter were nice and firm and are eating in the car ready.
  • The cups are Sun Cups and Organic
  • The cacao is from Kosher farms–which means the farmers are paid fairly and follow healthy planet protocol.
  • Lastly, the packaging is home “Rainforest Alliance Certified”


compostable label

Sun Cups is owned by Seth Ellis Chocolates and I never paid them any attention.  Then last week, someone emailed me a link to a Valentine’s Day sale for Seth Ellis Valentine’s Day chocolate Truffle boxes..the company thought our food allergy community might enjoy the link.   I posted the link over the weekend and then thought why don’t I try these out!  So I ordered the sampler pack and it arrived in less than five days.   I love Sun Cups but since they are not allergy safe, I won’t bring them into my house, so now I have a solution and maybe I can quit eating my goodies in my car.

MIlk Chocolate Sun Cup

It’s nice when I think back to 12 years ago at this exact time when my son did not access to any sort of safe chocolate or candy.  Wow, we’ve come a long way thanks to companies like Sun Cups!

p.s.  The folks at Sun Cups are finding out today that I blogged about their product.  My opinions are my own and I purchased my sampler out of my own curiosity.  The reasons I like something may be the exact reason you don’t like something and vise versa,  What doesn’t work for your family may be my dream answer and what works for me may send you running.  My hope is to share my family’s journey and that you will hopefully share your great finds with us too!

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