My Sinus Solution: MyPurMist

Let me just whine about my sinuses openly, freely and publicly (there could be worse items to complain about):  I live in the high desert, which means hot, dry days are many and sage brush is abundant.  Oh, I almost forgot to add:  it is super windy here too, so if you don’t live with sage brush, don’t worry, the wind will bring some to you!  All of this adds up to dry sinuses, constant sinus headaches and at least one sinus infection per year.  My new natural, drug free solution: MyPurMist™.

In the spirit of family harmony, since I’m a real joy when I have a sinus headache, I decided to test out the MyPurMist™ hand held instant steam vaporizer.  My son’s allergist suggested MyPurMist™ since we live in such a dry climate.  It’s a  device that simply and gently steams up your sinuses and acts like a decongestant!  Yup, it’s that Zen. You add special purified water, plug it in and it instantly fires up and is ready for use.


I used this steam and sinus rinse to help my ease up my dry sinuses

I was using a  facial steamer that would steam my entire face or I used a sinus rinse daily.  I absolutely hated this routine!  I can’t steam my face once I’ve applied my make-up, so if I was desperate, I would need to re-apply my make-up.   If I used my sinus rinse, which mentally disturbs me, I needed to boil water and then add in distilled water to cool it down for use–this is a royal pain.  I had read about the two deaths this year due to people not using sterilized water with Neti Pots since the bacteria found in local in the water made its’ way to their brains!  Now I am terrified to shoot local water inside my head.

[typography font=”Covered By Your Grace” size=”28″ size_format=”px”]THE TEST:[/typography]

I tested it for 4 weeks total: alternating weeks of usage and no usage.

What I was seeking:

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  • Natural sinus relief-no more Tylenol Sinus for me please!
  • Moisture in my sinuses to combat my dry climate.
  • An EASY solution that did not involve boiling water.
  • A solution that would easily work for my children.


A child using MyPurMist
My daughter could use her own nebulizer mask!

What I discovered:

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  • MyPurMist™was gentle and subtle.
  • I did experience consistent sinus relief.
  • It is a natural decongestant and would loosen up “things” thus avoiding more over-the-counter medications.
  • It was super easy to use.  Add special purified water and plug in.
  • My kids could use it with no worries of getting burned from water too hot or from my facial steams knocking over.
  • Celebrities love it since it helps with stress on the vocal cords–this doesn’t affect me, but I like the idea that I am putting my nose up to the same thing Esperanza Spalding does!
  • Surprisingly, it helped with sore throats too (three out of four of us all shared a brutal cold/flu during our test).


What I did not like:

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  • My nose and chin got damp


What I really liked:

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  • MyPurMist™is ready to go within seconds of plugging in the unit.  I used to wait on my facial steam and half the time I would step away and come back to an empty steamer since I took too long and the water evaporated!
  • My relief was consistent once I settled into a morning and night routine.  On the weeks that I did not use MyPurMist™, I would wake up with a sinus headache.
  • I could change out the facial masks with my kid’s nebulizer masks!  So everyone had their own facial mask in the family.
  •  I did not need to supervise my eight year old daughter when she was sick with a cold.  She felt such relief that she began using it on her own!
  • Since the cord is quite long, I could plug it in and simply sit and relax quietly as I used it.  I call it my ZEN time.  I just relax and breath in beautiful warm steam into my miserable dry sinuses.
  • No more sinus headaches.  Again, during the  weeks that I had used the unit,  I had NO sinus headaches…nada, zippo, nothing!


my slice of sinus heaven came in an ECO-Friendly blue and white box!

The bottom line: if you have sinus issues, springtime or dry climate challenges, you might want to explore this product too and see what you think!  Please remember, what I like may not tickle your fancy and what I don’t like, may the exact thing you are seeking!

Happy Monday-Caroline

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  1. Mandee says

    Hi I’m trying to decide on purchasing this or not I currently have a vicks steamer like the one you spoke of and I’m still having sinus headaches do you think there’s that much difference in the two for me to give the purmist a try? Thanks

    • says

      Hi Mandee, The Vicks steamer did feel good on my face for sure but for me, the MyPurMist worked better. Do they have a guarantee so if you don’t like the MyPurMist then you can return it? That might be the way to give it a whirl.

  2. Stephanie says

    Unfortunately I suffer from chronic sinus and allergy problems. Sinus headaches are monstrous, keeping me from doing what I need to do. I would love to purchase MyPurMist but the only thing that is stopping me is the money. Why is it so expensive???

    • says

      I am assuming the technology is what keeps the costs up. Prior to my using MyPurMist, I used to steam using a Vicks facial steamer. I also used a nasal rinse too. It’s tough having sinus issues. I think if someone has never experienced these issues, they truly don’t understand the pain!


  1. […] Love Your Sinuses!   For the care and feeding of my stuffed up painful sinuses, I’ve graduated from a sinus rinse to a sinus steamer from MyPurMist.  It is worth every penny and less mentally disturbing than forcing fluid up one nostril and out another!  Warm gentle steam fills my nose and sinuses while I relax and enjoy Zen style peace and quite or I flip through a magazine while using this little device.  I did a little test last week by stopping usage and I ended up with two mornings  greeted by bloody noses-thanks dry Nevada climate!  I am hooked on the MyPurMist sinus steamer.  I blogged about this little gem last month, so check out my post on MyPurMist. […]

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