Interesting Pairing: Thank you and Education

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this nifty little website/idea:  Say thank you to teachers and those who help keep our food allergic children and at the same time, include some food allergy education!  Peanutfreezone offers thank you cards that thank others for helping keep our kids safe and then on the backside there is a clean list of reminders.  I believe that showing gratitude is important but I like how Peanutfreezone is reminding us to not miss an opportunity to re-affirm the actions folks are taking to manage our kid’s food allergies.

pepeanutfree zone thank you card

During Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) in the spring, I always try to say thank you to my kid’s teachers, principals, etc. by baking up something.  If you are not familiar, FAAW was created by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, now called FARE, in 1998 to unite our efforts nationwide in raising food allergy awareness.  I have always baked and probably will continue but I like the idea of including a gentle educational opportunity as well.  Of course, we can create or type up our own Thank You cards too, but the reality in our busy world that having a product like this available is simply wonderful.  FYI: Peanutfreezone sells stickers and other food allergy and peanut awareness products.

Peanutfreezone stickers

Good job Peanutfreezone for coming up with such a clever way to say thanks and educate all at the same time.

p.s. I do not get paid to review products, websites, books, etc.  My goal is to share the interesting I find as I move through life.  This is the beauty of our food allergy community: sharing.

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  1. judie says

    The reminder to say ‘thank you’ more often is needed by all of us. Throughout the school year, I send my gratitude to teachers & administration in the form of emails, cards, and personally. With 20+ students in each classroom, it is not easy to micromanage the needs of everyone; but, grateful and understanding parents can empower their students and lend a hand to their teachers.

    Thank you, Caroline, for providing parents with your blog -it’s a great resource for all things food allergy & asthma.

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