I Can't Order this Fast Enough: American Girl Food Allergy Free Lunch Kit!

Whip out that credit card ladies and gentlemen!  Even though I’m trying to be budget conscious, this one is worth a review!  Suzie Fromer, co-founder of Food Allergy New York, a food allergy support group in the New York Metropolitan Area, posted this gem on Facebook yesterday!  She gets the Super Support Group Leader applause and kudos today as I toast her with my chocolate soy milk!  What a fabulous find: the American Girl® Allergy Free Lunch Kit-an accessory that provides a vehicle for kids with food allergies (and their friends) to explore managing life threatening food allergies.

American girl allergy free lunch kitphoto courtesy of Americangirl.com

The American Girl® Food Allergy-free Lunch Kit includes the following fabulous items…

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  • Pretend Berry Smoothie
  • Pretend Vegetables in a container
  • Two pretend sandwich skewers
  • A medical bracelet
  • Food allergy stickers, but the image is too small for me to figure out what images are used
  • A fake allergy shot (I really like the idea of the kids getting more familiar with epinephrine shots)
  • A fabric lunch bag


thank you American Girl

American Girl® gets yet another big “Thank You” from my family.   Many years ago I took my daughter to the American Girl Cafe for a birthday lunch while we visited relatives in Los Angeles.  My almost 14-year-old son, who was around nine years old at the time, had no choice but to join us for this luncheon.  He went kicking, screaming and complained the entire time while we waited to be seated.  To add insult to injury, they offered him a loaner doll to enjoy during lunch.  Then, the magic unfolded.  I had called ahead and they were happy to prepare a food allergy safe meal.  He is a foodie through and through and was thrilled to discover our lunch was served over several courses and special safe dishes, with elegant presentation, were created just for him.  At the end of the meal he exclaimed, “that was the best meal ever…I want to come back!”  Of course, he denies the story now as he is too cool to admit liking the American Girl® Cafe.

american girl birthday partiesphoto courtesy of American Girl.com

Hats off to  American Girl® for raising food allergy awareness, for being progressive and again, for providing tools for exploration in becoming comfortable with our food allergy lifestyles!  I am trying to find out who at American Girl® I can personally thank for creating this accessory.  If you know, please email me with their contact information.  They deserve a hug and a kiss, but I am sure they would prefer a card instead (I am a complete stranger).

hats off to American Girl Allergy free lunch kit

Now I’m off to explain to hubby that after I have spent the last week cleaning out boxes of boxes of “too much stuff” while complaining  that I’m not buying anything until next year, that well, next year has just arrived!

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  1. Cheryl says

    Thank you for writing this! We have had a hard time finding a place to have a tea-themed party for our almost 10-year-old daughter’s party because of her allergies and now we’re looking forward to the call we’re expecting tomorrow to discuss her allergies! So glad I made a reservation a month ago when a wild thought hit me! We might actually be able to have a party there after all!

    • says

      Oh I hope you have a wonderful time! I still just giggle when I think of son being the only boy in the entire restaurant and having a blast!

      Happy Birthday to your daughter and I hope she enjoys a happy and safe time. I hope it works out!

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