Heading to our State Captial…send me good joo-joo today

Thanks to our food allergy shining star, Assemblywoman Debbie Smith (Nevada), I will be providing testimony this morning for the Nevada Legislative Committee on Health Care regarding epinephrine in schools.  I will report how it goes in tomorrow’s blog, but I’m thrilled to see our health care committee interested and welcoming  a parent advocate to speak honestly about the needs of my children and the children attending school in Nevada.

Send good thoughts, prayers and good joo-joo that this committee will “hear and understand” everyone presenting.  I will keep you posted of how the meeting was and what our next steps will be to help ensure epinephrine in the schools of Nevada.

Please note:  when I say we, I mean we…you and me!
Happy Tuesday and stay cool!-Caroline

UPDATE 10:36AM: Oh dear! I almost cried. I forgot how hard it is to share publicly my fear if my children dying from a food allergic reaction.

I felt good and balanced sharing our parent perspective. Mylan was here as well as Carson City and Clark county school districts sharing good concerns.

I love Nevada! Heading home now!!



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