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Alas, Halloween, one of my favorite Holidays is coming up. This night also brings me the most stress as peanuts, tree nuts and dairy are freely and wildly being handed out across America’s doorsteps!  I plot and plan on how to have fun and mask that I am sweating buckets under my witch hat.  I don’t want anyone to know that I have my Epi Pen ready and waiting in my pocket in one hand and my cell in the other ready to call 911.  Um, can we say neurotic?  Mostly just on Halloween night.   Thankfully, my children are now older and have some ability to self control.

When my son was young, I hosted Halloween parties and filled tables with all sorts of allergy friend foods and drinks.  As he got older, we would plan road trips or other fun things to do on Halloween night.   This year, my 8 year old wants to trick or treat but only to houses of friends and neighbors.  I like this plan and I am sticking with it.  Actually, this morning, she wrote a check list of the homes she plans on trick-or-treating to, I do like her planning I must say.

Check out FAAN’s website to see their TRICK OR TREAT for FOOD ALLERGY event.  My kids have enjoyed doing this in the past too…you trick or treat to collect $$$ instead of candy.  Then at home, we trade them the box ‘o cash for prizes!

Enjoy these resources and email me if you found others you would like to share!

Join Gina Cowles of Allergy Moms in a FREE ONE HOUR Halloween teleconference call with Allergic Living Magazine on October 18th, 2011Click here for details on how to register.

Gina Cowles of Allergy Moms has written this  wonderful article for Allergic Living Magazine on managing Halloween: Allergy Safe Halloween Treating

Gina just doesn’t stop…visit her website for a list of Gina’s Safe Candy List and more

Nicole Smith offers this fantastic newsletter with an excellent Halloween article in her monthly newsletter.  Visit Allergic Child to sign up to receive her monthly newsletters.  Her son also writes in the newsletter and provides insight for us parents to hear the voice of child (now a young man) with food allergies.

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) has written a fabulous article on Halloween tips: KFA Halloween Tips

The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network offers good warnings for trick-or-treating with food allergies: Halloween May Contain Danger