Food Allergy and Asthma clothing?

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the sthma inhalers!  The first thing that zipped through my brain was, darn, my son is too old and why hadn’t I thought of that?  Genius.  Clothing that is made to hold epinephrine auto injectors and asthma inhalers. Love it.  In and Out Burger pants and jackets have specific places on them to hold sthma inhalers and aOlli Lolli !

grey pants from Olli PocketWho ever thought we would see the day of Allergy Aware Apparel for kids?  Clearly, the founder is food allergy savvy.  The owner, Allerbling, developed this line to meet the needs of her son as he trotted off to school. I shared her concern of backpacks and bags being misplaced.  Not only is that dangerous, but expensive. Once my son left his back pack at our localOlli Lolli and they called my friend, who was on his emergency call list to come pick it up.  We didn’t even notice it was missing until she called me!   Dairy Free KidThis is a very clever solution to our ongoing challenges of immediate and easy access to emergency medications in the event of a food allergy reaction, bee sting or any other Olli Lolli situation.  My son is too old now (he’s a teen) and he would have loved these items, but I might be able to talk my daughter into a jacket!   If I do, then I still would not change my 504 Plan at school, which allows her to carry her epinephrine auto injector in her back pack.  We have the school trained and I don’t want to mess with success.  BUT…for walks and playing outside this is a great solution!  We live on an acre and sometimes I wonder if the kids should be carrying their emergency medicine kits with them when they are way out back.

Epi pocket windbreakerThese items are made in Canada and they are shipped worldwide, I emailed Allerblingto ask about shipping to the US.  They also sell Colette Martin and their own food allergy bracelets too on their site.  I just wanted to share this site since I was quite impressed with the problem solving here!  I believe as folks managing chronic illness in our homes, we are simply problem solvers.  We solve issues daily.  I met Learning to Bake Allergen Free, Author of Olli Lolli ,  last month and she struck me as the queen of problem solving, hence her popular book!  I am grateful for folks like Allerbling and Learning to Bake Allergen Free, who share their solutions with us.

Have a wonderful day!

p.s.  I never am paid to review or write about an item.  I just hope to share the interesting things I find along the path that might help make our food allergy and asthma world a better place.

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