Feb Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival

Once again, I am honored to host this wonderful opportunity for those of us managing life threatening food allergies to gather in cyberland to enjoy blog posts that we might not normally have on our food allergy radar. Grab that cup of tea, coffee or wine and settle in for some interesting reading!


Easy Breezy LifePhoto courtesy of Easy Breezy Life

Easy Breezy Life shares a very heart felt and honest reaction to her child’s food allergies.  What I appreciated was her honesty about her emotions, check out, “Food Allergies:  There is a bright side”.

gradation dayphoto courtesy of Seven Year Itch

Seven Year Itch shares one the most exciting blogs I’ve read in a long time!  I don’t want to give away any of the good stuff, but let’s just say, “Graduation Day,” is something we all hope and pray for!  This blog post is very inspiring and addresses how life can change via Oral Immunotherapy.

Smart Allergy V-day Partyphoto courtesy of Smart Allergy

Smart Allergy’s positive energy just shined so bright in this upbeat blog post, “Focusing on What YOU Can Have or Can’t!  It’s All About Attitude”.  I am a “the glass is half full girl” and this blog is just that!  She shares awesome snack ideas while proving that attitude makes a huge difference.

food allergy funimage courtesy of Food Allergy Fun

I am a HUGE fan of Food Allergy Fun, so I was thrilled to see this submission!  Inspired by the recent flub up by Nick Mom, Tiffany created a fabulous comic in, “Bake Sale-Food Allergy Cartoon”.

chicken -roasted

photo courtesy of Easy Breezy Life (many recipe can be found on this site)

Easy Breezy Life wrote a piece so many of us food allergy parents can relate to in, Multiple Food Allergy Help.  In a very honest voice, the blog post details that one moment in time when he son trots off to reading time at the library…sans Mama and what goes through her mind!

 Jenny's family

photo courtesy of Frugal Food Allergies

Jenny from Multiple Food Allergy Help really makes it personal in, “Frugal Food Allergies.  Her post is not directly related to food allergies, but what stuck me about this post is that despite her family’s battles with cancer, she still forges on with food allergies, EoE and Eczema and works hard  and passionately to share information to other families.  The post truly showed how our lives have many other challenges while managing life threatening chronic illness, yet, we soldier on.

Life IS good

Food Allergy Sleuth wrote this beautiful post about finding some,Food Allergy Sleuth.  All of us food allergy mama’s can relate to this one.  I don’t want to give away the story, but it made me smile.  Alot.


food allergy sleuthphoto courtesy of Food Allergy Sleuth

I personally follow the Food Allergy Sleuth, I confess that I am in awe that she is a scientist and a food allergy mommy.  I appreciate that she works to help bridge the gap between medical knowledge and us lay folk managing life threatening food allergies.  Her post, Tasteriesheds light on some very important terms and meanings regarding scientific meetings by taking time to help us understand some terms.  Her explanation of Peer Review was the best I’ve ever read.

food photo from Tasteriephoto courtesy of Tasterie

Tasterie, a company and blog site that I consider true food allergy problem solvers, shares insight on food allergies being recognized as a disability.  “Maya’s Happy Place pushes us to look closely at what happened at Lesley University recently.

Barack_Obamaphoto courtesy of Maya’s Happy Place

Maya, from The Americans with Disabilities Act and Food Allergies. (I just love her blog name to pieces), shares what I consider to be a very historic moment for folks with food allergies in: Intimacy and Food Allergies-Part I

Maya also shared an extremely personal, first hand story about the dangers of kissing with food allergies and what happens if you don’t share about your food allergies.  I admire her courage to share her story, not an easy one for many to write about and I truly appreciated this piece, www.Natural and Free,  since I have a 14 year old son who is beginning to date!

epi pens on beltphoto courtesy of Oh Mah Deehness

Old Blog Carnival and past hostess, Homa, author of Oh Mah Deehness (love that name) shared a post about food allergy Care Giver training in her town and a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the world of food allergies. Check out, “Food Allergy 101 Caregiver Training,” to learn more!

natural and free headerphoto courtesy of Natural and Free

Julie, from Alernative Names for Soy and Soy Free Foods! shares a great post offering an extensive list of  the various Alternative names for soy and nice long list of soy free foods!  Enjoy: Food Allergy Assistant

Epinephrine and Products

epi  and auviqphoto courtesy of Food Allergy Assistant

Joanne, from “EpiPen vs Auvi-Q …and I Mean That in the Nicest Way”. penned this article that I enjoyed and am very happy she submitted it to our Blog Carnival!  With the introduction of the Auvi-Q, more choices and have arrived and Joanne brings us through looking at both the Auvi-Q® and Epipen® in, Chemurgy and Allergens

creamphoto courtesy of Chemurgy and Allergens

Chemurgy and Allergens provide a very eye opening list of Eczema Skin Care products that contain nuts!  I truly appreciate this list since a few days ago I had to use a magnifying glass to read a shampoo label only to discover that Prunus Dulcis is almond oil!  Their blog post, Our Life as an Epi Familyis a worthy read for any nut allergic person.  At the bottom of the post, Chemurgy and Allergens provides links to other products that contain nuts, such as cold sore treatments!?  By the way the websites educates us, “Chemurgy is the making of industrial products from crops and crop by-products”.


Food and Travel

Epi family at Disneyphoto courtesy of Our Life as an Epi Family

Summer is coming soon, so this blog post from, “Disney Magic Makes Food Allergies Easy,”is quite timely!  I really enjoyed this joyful post as the “Epi Family” explored their love of Disney and family togetherness!  The best part of, Learning to Eat Allergen Free is that their family truly enjoyed a food allergy safe trip.  The goal of all of us!

Buckwheat Maple Crackersphoto courtesy of “Buckwheat Maple Crackers”

Let me be upfront here: I am a HUGE fan of Colette Martin and her new cookbook, Learning to Bake Gluten Free.  So needless to say, her sharing of her post, Food Allergy Assistant is thrilling!  Especially since I’m trying to move my family away from processed foods.

soupphoto credit:  Noel Malcom

Food Allergy Assistant share with us another nice post about eating out with Food Allergies and the risk involved.  It’s all about planning.  She also shares some very valuable tactics for choosing a restaurant in, Frugal Food Allergies

In true frugal fashion,“Banana Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bars” provides a yummy looking recipe for, Paleo and Salicylates.  They look gooey and tasty while being dairy, gluten, peanut, tree nut and seed free!  One of my favorite combos.

Owl cake by nut free mom

The Food Allergy Mom has shared this darling Peanut Free Owl Cake that can be adapted for those who can eat Gluten, “Peanut Free Owl Cake (can be made Gluten free).  What I really enjoyed is that she presented the owl on a silver platter and made from cupcakes!!  How cute is that?


This blog post is all the way from Australia from a Paleo diet blog site.  Several friends of mine follow Paleo and other than the nut and sugar part, they are eating like my some of my food allergic friends!  They avoid dairy and gluten. Today’s post is about the Paleo and Salicylates sensitivities:   Live It Magazine.

chocolatemoussephoto courtesy of Live It Magazine (online)

Live It Magazine has me drooling over their post, Allergy Free Cooking Baby that is gluten free, dairy free with a nut free options (coconut milk instead of almond milk).   There is a secret ingredient that blew me away and I will going to try this out since I have that secret ingredient in my fridge right now!”

Cinnamon BunsPhoto Courtesy of Allergy Free  Cooking Baby

Allergy Free Cinnamon Bun shares a fabulous recipe, complete with options to go gluten free or not!  What impressed me is her site focuses on dairy, gluten, soy, egg and nut free recipes!  I shutter when I think of how hard it would be to bake without  dairy and soy, but alas, I’m weak and there are folks taking this on by storm!  Her Food Allergy Buzz Recipe looks quite yummy!

THANK YOU FOR JOINING FEBRUARY’S FOOD ALLERGY BLOG CARNIVAL!  If you would like to host a Blog Carnival too, please leave a comment below and I’ll put you in touch with Food Allergy Buzz who leads this charge.

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