Vegan foods–dairy and egg free

Did you see Peanut Free Planet’s Facelift?

I was looking to order some nut free snack items and realized that Peanut Free Planet’s website has been updated with a very user-friendly face lift.  I found the new website organization to be easier to navigate and more visual and intuitive.   The added use of photos and the St. Patrick’s day suggestions […]

Vegan Cream Cheese Sandwiches are the RAGE!

Rushing to make a platter for a school evening event, I whipped up cream cheese sandwich wedges.  I ran short on time and had to move on to plan B.  My daughter couldn’t get enough of them, so to accommodate my son’s dairy allergy, I created this Vegan version!  Since the bread was very […]

Easy Food Allergy Valentine’s Day treats

Times are hectic.  Therefore,  fast, easy, nut free, dairy free and egg free Valentine’s Day treats are welcomed with wide open arms.  Last night, my son announced that he needs around 20 treats for his science class.  My daughter’s class needs something for their nut free party tomorrow and I need to bring a […]

Calling All Food Allergy Foodies!

I stumbled upon Lucy’s Friendly Foods website a while back and am now a confirmed follower.  Her recipes focus on dairy free, egg free, nut free and sesame seed free (all my favorite  food allergy free ingredients).  She is a Cordon Bleu trained chef with photos that make me want to cry they are […]