Food Safety Guy is a Smash Hit


Nope, it wasn't a movie!  It was an informative, call to action Keynote speaker presentation at the Nevada School Nutrition Conference.  The title of the  Lars Johsnon, The Food Safety Guy's Keynote presentation: You Mean Someone Could Die? Do we take the risk of food allergies seriously? So, what's the big deal over The Food Safety Guy, Lars Johnson anyhow?  Using our … [Read more...]

Warning: Ant Bait is Peanut Butter Based

Ant bait with peanut butter

Holy Moly Batman!  This last weekend was downright goofy with one small calamity after another taking place with all being highlighted with this scary little fact:  The Hot Shot® MaxAttrax® Ant Bait my peanut allergic son bought and placed in his room is peanut butter based!  He has no strong smell point of reference and after he placed it out, he called me over to sniff it. … [Read more...]

Best Prices for EpiPen and Auvi-Q

EPI affordable

Am I the last person to learn about this amazing App:  Good Rx?  I spend hours, yes-hours calling pharmacy after pharmacy to find the best price in town for my beloved EpiPens® and Auvi-Q®.  Good Rx is an amazing App that allows consumers to price compare local prescription prices and find coupons or discounts!  Thank you to Allergy Words Founder, Aleasa Word, Life Coach and … [Read more...]

Munching From the Peanut Free Platter

Peanutfree Treat Platter 2

Too adorable for words!  Lucky me received this platter from Safe & Happy Family to review and take out for a culinary spin.  Thankfully, it arrived before the back-to-back weekend of crazy graduation celebrations hit.  Even better is that Safe Happy Family are offering a give-away of this darling platter (see below for details). Yes, this platter can be sitting in your … [Read more...]

What’s it going to take? Recent Allergy Deaths


This is going to sound harsh, so be ready.  But what is it going to take for Americans to  wake up and realize that life threatening allergies are NEVER GOING AWAY (insert loud frustrated voice) and the sooner we realize this and work together, we can end these senseless deaths.  Two teenagers recently died from food allergic reactions and this is simply tragic.  My heart … [Read more...]