Managing FA and/or Asthma at school, parties, after school activities and more

Sponsor Food Allergy Educator/Musician Kyle Dine?

Kyle Dine, Food Allergy Educator and Musician has landed in North America and is ready to begin his Road to No Reaction Tour!  Kyle came to Reno, NV last year for a private performance and was simply amazing.  I think every school or anyone who crosses path with food allergic children needs to experience […]

Advocating for Epinephrine in NV: the Workgroup

I need to start today’s blog by acknowledging the  Once again, I sit here saying why?  Our thoughts are prayers and with the folks facing unbearable pain today and those who are about to begin the healing process.  Now, I’ll turn back to food allergy advocacy, which I have decided is not for […]

Ridiculously Adorable Food Allergy Kid’s Book

Food Allergy Research Organizationhas wiggled his way in my daughter’s heart! Although, according to her book review, her favorite character is the penguin.  Author Stephanie Sorkin sent me the book to check it out and my family eagerly dove right in to read it.  Please note: as always, my opinions are my own; the […]

This Nurse Knows Food Allergies!

I have mentioned food allergy educator, writer and nurse Anne Russell before, but I can’t help sharing some of her best Asthma Allergies Children that she writes for Asthma Allergies Children !  I follow her on Food Allergies; Elementary Schools Tips for Parents from a Couple of Veterans”religiously (@allergyeducator)and when I met Henry, […]