Allergy Fail: Mold and Hay Fever Season

I already confessed my allergy faux pas on facebook a few day ago. I found mold on the ceiling of my daughter’s bathroom. The reason I am sharing is that I live in the high desert at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. To the West, I look at a beautiful pine-covered scene. […]

Sale extended Lysol: HVAC Air Filters

My love of a good sale and that my readers were given a 25% discount and FREE Shipping off of the 1st ever Asthma Certified Friendly Air Filters from Lysol has given me no choice but to share that the sale has been extended to the end of September!  Okay, and the fact that […]

No Longer Optional: Clean House Air

Smoke from the fires in Yosemite.  and the higher pollen counts have sent my family into a frenzy.  Thankfully, our home remains a healthy air safe haven!  The outdoor air quality dabbles in and out of “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” and my daughter has promised that she is moving in with her allergist’s family […]

Overlooked: Clean Indoor Air Quality

Confession time: I’ve blogged about clean air and asthma in Asthma symptoms: 3 Polluted Air tips but only focused on keeping poor outdoor air quality outside.  I overlooked mentioning one critical topic: maintaining, clean indoor air quality at all times.  It’s not a great idea to wait for a wildfire or heavy pollution day to […]