Top 3 Food Allergy School Goals

Even though I realize that we are all so very different managing a wide range of allergies, asthma and other health related issues, we are all the same when it comes to school-wearing different colors  and flavors of the food allergy crayon box.  We ALL want our children to learn and grow in a […]

Tighter Stronger Food Allergy Com

“To rekindle that fire that drives us- so we can go back to our communities with renewed passion. An event where we could come to learn how to be better advocates, care-givers, bloggers, by picking the brains of the smarter people in the room! The real magic that happens though, is that as we […]

Food Allergies TO GO

Every year my son’s school requires students to go on an Outdoor Education Trip. In our food allergy world this translates to: how to plan food and environment to stay allergen safe. Usually, they are camping or glamping in cabins and there is a camp chef involved. After many phone calls, much stress and […]

Friday Thoughts: Nut free Cupcakes Say Love

Connie Green, Co-Founder of the patient advocacy group California Advocates for Food Allergy, blessed me on Sunday afternoon with friendship, support and nut free cupcakes from Sibby’s Cupcakery.  Clearly, my son’s passing of his dairy challenge is the biggest thing to hit our family in 14 years and the bonus of the test and […]