App Helps w/ Food Allergy Asthma Reminders

My teenage son, Cyrus, downloaded the Futuregram App and began using it to remind himself of appointments, to take asthma medications and which You Tube videos he wants to catch in the evenings.  This simple and easy to use App caught my attention since Cyrus had become forgetful in his old age and keeps missing his […]

Fast Food Allergy & Asthma Holiday Tools

We are deep into the Holidays and as schools begin winter breaks travel and family take center stage.  This is the exact moment that I click into the “I need to pause and simply prepare” stage.  Do you ever feel that when you are over rushed and overwhelmed things get tough, mistakes happen or your […]

Food Allergy Life: Teen Says Speak UP!

Let’s cut to the chase here: I’m wildly biased about the recent My Story article, “Inclusion Take Center Stage” published in the recent Allergic Living Magazine Winter issue.  My son Cyrus wrote this piece and I’m shamelessly proud.  What leaves a lump in my throat is that he laid it all out and allowed […]

Ideas Galore: Food Allergy Kids

Just this morning I was texting with Jennifer Solomon, co-found of Nutfreewear, and we were talking about how food allergy kids can make a difference when she brought up how can her freshly minted eight year old can get involved.  She explained that the little girl has helped with school presentations before.  I  explained […]