Why Teal Pumpkins are a Threat

This week’s comment on media stories bringing the #TealPumpkinProject to the masses has provided much amusing reading!  Today, I read one woman’s comment: “No thanks!  I’ll keep my pumpkin orange”!  Hum, I don’t recall anyone asking her to change her pumpkin color.  Then I read about the “nerve of entitled parents asking us to […]

EPI? Check! Costume? Check! Sanity? Hum…

So, are you ready for Halloween?  It’s only 1.5 weeks away!  Before my children were diagnosed with life threatening food allergies, I loved Halloween so much that it rivaled Christmas.  I adore anything made with pumpkin and all the colors of Halloween.  Post diagnosis the fun blew right out of my sail, leaving me […]

Got Life Threatening Food Allergies?

Quick question:  Your child just experienced a life threatening allergic reaction, maybe it was their first one? Second one?  You’re now walking out of the emergency department what is your next step?  Get a refill, go to the allergist, get on the internet, go home and cry, or all of the above?  Quick Answer […]

Check out this: Smart911

Food Allergy mom and physician Julie Brown share this little gem on Facebook not long ago:  Smart911.  It’s a free service that allows you provide more details regarding your household to emergency responders AHEAD OF TIME — brfore an emergency.   The Smart911 website states, “Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens across […]