Last Minute Food Allergy Halloween Ideas

It’s only one day away!  Are you ready for a fabulous Food Allergy Safe Halloween?  In case you need some last minute suggestions for some Halloween fun, I’ll pulled together a quick list of ideas below. I’m ready to go and oddly enough, my kids are going to be anywhere but here tomorrow night.  […]

What Went Wrong w/School Allergic Reaction

There are several lessons here that we all need to pay attention to:  especially teachers and school staff.  Thankfully, this story ended well and a life was not loss.  KWWL in Iowa reported this story yesterday, “Student has allergic reaction after gives peanut butter sandwich.”  Apparently, there was a kitchen mix up and peanut […]

Guess how many times EPI was used at school

Our schools need emergency access to stock epinephrine for the 38 reasons discovered in the Chicago Public School (CPS) system.  Last week a very important study, “Emergency Epinephrine Use for Food Allergy Reactions in Chicago Public Schools” was released by Northwestern University with some startling facts (okay, startling to me)regarding the 2012/13 school year.  […]

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Why Teal Pumpkins are a Threat

This week’s comment on media stories bringing the #TealPumpkinProject to the masses has provided much amusing reading!  Today, I read one woman’s comment: “No thanks!  I’ll keep my pumpkin orange”!  Hum, I don’t recall anyone asking her to change her pumpkin color.  Then I read about the “nerve of entitled parents asking us to […]