BIG food allergy friendly granola bar sale –one day only

My love for a good sale gives me no other choice, but to move today’s blog to Friday and to relish in food allergy friendly NoNuttin’s one day LEAP YEAR sale. I don’t know the last time I saw 25% off  and free shipping for orders over $75 on any of my world’s most favorite granola bars and products!!!  I used to order these by the case load until my kids told me their friends would wait for my order to arrive.  That’s when I realized I was the supplier for the town!

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I stopped briefly from ordering when sesame seeds became a possible issue, but remained a serious fan of their products.  There is no longer a sesame seed risk!  Yahoo!  Nonuttin’s Allergen Declaration gives great insight into their knowledge and products.  Actually, NoNuttin granola bars were the first items we ever ordered in mass quantity (we as in a small group of us food allergy families) and will always have a special spot in my heart. My son was “normal” after skiing when we’d whip out our safe granola bars for his classmates.  It was so lovely to watch him share his food the other kids.

Their goodies are…

* Peanut Free
* Tree Nut Free
* Dairy Free
* Egg Free
* Gluten Free   Certified
* All Natural
* Kosher Certified 

I will always heart food allergy friendly granola bars
I will always have a place in my heart for Nonuttin's chocolate chip granola bars

I copied this directly from the NoNuttin newsletter that was sitting in my inbox last night…

The Look Before You Leap One Day Sale

Happy Leap Year!  Why not celebrate every 4 years with a one day sale?  Simply put $50 worth of products (before taxes) in your cart and you’ll get 25% off all products.  For 24 hours only starting at midnight and going to 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, February 29.

Don’t forget that you can still get free shipping when you spend $75 (after discounts and before taxes) and an additional 10% off when you spend $150 (after discounts and before taxes).

Remember that all Nonuttin’ products can be frozen to extend their already long shelf life.  So what are you waiting for?  The time to leap is now!

In the Canadian store:

In the US store:

Can you guess what I ordered?  Yep, 2 cases of the chocolate chip granola bars and one case each of the Apple Cinnamon and Raisin bars!!

Hope your day is full of wonderful moments (for me, today one of my moments involves shopping)-Caroline


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