Secret to Gluten Free, Nut Free and Dairy free Desserts Revealed

Elegant nut free, gluten-free, Vegan and almost any sort of allergen free desserts can be  yours-with one easy secret:  layer fabulous proven ingredients and recipes!  Recently my son attended his first formal dance and I placed in charge of desserts for the dinner prior to the event.  A lovely mother hosted eight teenagers for dinner--complete with china and full place … [Read more...]

12 Hot Unique Food Allergy Holiday Gift Ideas

I love gifts.  I do.  I love 'em all.  Handmade ones, gifts that are hugs, gifts that I give, you name one and I'll love giving it!  The last few weeks I've jotted down some really interesting items that I think would make a beautiful gift to someone with food allergies (or a parent) that not only is lovely to receive, but also says, "I really care about your food allergies".  … [Read more...]

Top 10 Asthma Holiday Tips

I love the Holidays and all the hustle and bustle that it brings.  One piece that my family needs to remember is that yes, even though our asthma is under control, there are seasonal triggers mixed in with all that hustle and bustle!  I wanted to share our seasonal triggers and ask you what yours are too--sometimes they are hidden and by sharing we learn more!  Although, … [Read more...]

# 1 Reason Why SunCups Fundraiser is Important

I am a self-proclaimed fan of Sun Cups®, which are nut free and gluten-free.  Even more important to me is how this company operates and what they are trying to do within our food allergy world:  create a mainstream candy product that will meet the needs of folks who eat  peanut nut free, tree nut free and gluten-free.  Sun Cups® is participating in an Indiegogo Campaign, "Sun … [Read more...]

Meet Team Anaphylaxis

I did not know who or what Team Anaphylaxis was until I saw one of their images on facebook someone posted.   At first, I thought maybe it was a food allergy walk team.  Then I realized that Team Anaphylaxis  supports those managing life threatening food allergies who find themselves in situations where they need tools, support and education to remain included, safe and treated … [Read more...]