Random Acts of Food Allergy Education

One question that keeps nagging quietly in my mind after last week's First Annual Food Allergy Blogger's Conference (FABLOGCON) is one that was posed by Dr. Mark Greenwald, co-creator of the Epi Center Medical Anaphlaxis Training Video during dinner one evening.   He inquired if the our room full of food allergy parents, advocates and vendors were a good representation of our … [Read more...]

Honoring our Veterans Today and Always

Even though we take one day out of the year to honor Veteran's Day, I make it a point to always constantly appreciate the men and women who serve our nation.  It's not easy to move around the world or country and find your self is situations that would leave the rest of in crying in our soy milk.  In honor of Veteran's Day, I'm donating the Food Allergy Walk Page of Duane … [Read more...]

Food Allergies: Getting Your Kiss On-Safely

Words from the wise Sloane Miller of Allergic Girl Resources this week during an utterly fantastic live Google + meeting.  Riding directly off of my high from the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (#FABlogcon), my Northern Nevada Asthma and Food Allergy Parent Education Group (AAPE) hosted, "Mixing Teens and Food Allergies",  live with New York City based food allergy author, … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Blogger Conference LOVE MY SWAG

I love coupons, I love samples and I love sales.  To be honest, the Swag bags at the First Annual Food Allergy Blogger Conference (FABLOGCON) were amazing and mind boggling.  I've discovered items that I would never have had access to before thanks to the samples.  Also, thanks to vendors being present and providing samples and breakfast items, Attune Foods had me racing to … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Conference Equals Disneyland!

Wow.  I've been going non-stop since Friday at 10:30am until right now, when I am sitting down to finally write a blog post!  The only way I can explain the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (FABLOGCON) is to say it was like being in a grown up Disneyland.  The photo above is Henry Ehrlich checking in and receiving two full bags of swag!  My mind was blown away and there were … [Read more...]