About Caroline

I'm a passionate mother of two food allergic and asthmatic children. My goal is to create blogs to explore all things food allergy and asthma. Advocating for food allergy issues, clean air and lung disease is important and fun to me too.

Advovcating for Epinephrine in Nevada: Patience

This week’s web series on, Advocating for Epinephrine in Nevada is one that I find to be one of my own life’s lesson:  mastering patience!  Bless our ever most fabulous lobbyist Michael Hackett when he told me to get comfortable with “hurry up and wait”.  Boy was he right on that one.  I think […]

Ridiculously Adorable Epi Pen Holders

I still can’t figure out how I missed these spunky Epi Pen® Auto-injector holder holders?  I found them at the Epi Pen® Auto-injector holder.  They are made by a very lovely food allergy Mom, Ann, who works full-time and has been sewing for the past two years.  Instead of spending sleepless nights worrying about […]

Schooled: Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness

Today Mylan is launching an interesting and high energy campaign/competition:  Raise Your Hand for Anaphylaxis Awareness™.  I like this program for two reasons:  first of all, my public school district can win one of four $15,000 grants to use towards anaphylaxis educational programs (think teacher training, student education, speakers, materials, etc.).  My second reason […]

Profound Food Allergy Statement of the week…

“Why is it so hard to believe that life threatening food allergies will not cause airborne reactions when millions of people walk out their front door every spring and react to the pollen in the air?”  stated Ann, owner of Etsy site, Love Bug Co.  Ever have one of those AHA moments?  This was […]