Peanut Death Will Not Stop Giovanni's Family

I am simply humbled by the love and compassion that young Giovanni Cipriano's family has for our children with life threatening food allergies.  They want don't want any other family to ever experience what they are facing daily: unimaginable  heartbreak.  Only one month after Giovanni died from eating trial mix containing peanut, they are speaking out to save other children … [Read more...]

Food Allergy: Happy or Horror Thanksgiving?

Sounds dramatic, but let's face it:  Thanksgiving dinner can either be a dream or a nightmare.  When managing life threatening food allergies, there seems to be no middle ground.  Unfortunately, as much as we love our family, they too must be educated on keeping our family members safe during big, sometimes chaotic Thanksgiving dinners.  There are several challenges we face … [Read more...]

Spreading Epi Pen Love With School Nurses

Despite my whining about the first snow fall of the season (I love the snow, but whine about driving in it), this morning was uplifting and inspiring.  Today we celebrated the arrival of the mandated stock epinephrine auto-injectors to the Washoe County School District (WCSD), in Nevada.  I had the honor of representing the food allergy parents in the WCSD today as I showered … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Fun: Top Party Secret Revealed

I'm a hard core foodie and I love food presentation just as much as I enjoy the actual food.  The first thing I learned about life with food allergies is that if food looks fabulous, then it tastes fabulous.  True story.  To be honest, there have been studies proving that good looking food is perceived to be good tasting.  When my son was first diagnosed with food allergies all … [Read more...]

What about the Airlines and Peanut Allergies?

Last week the New York Times featured an article, '"What Should Airlines Do About Children with Peanut Allergies".  It's a well written article and I suggest you take a peek at it.  To sum it up: Lianne Mandelbaum and her son had a horrible experience on United Airlines.  Lianne did not sit down and cry into her rice milk over the situation.  Instead, she started a petition … [Read more...]