Food Allergy: 18 Must Knows


Will exercise make your allergic reaction worse? Can one out grow a dairy or egg allergy?  Just when do you give epinephrine?  Am I over reacting if I don't see epinephrine being used in the Emergency Room (ER)?  Inquiring minds want to know!  In the spirit of Food Allergy Awareness Month, Allergic Living magazine produced a free e-book, "18 things to know about Food Allergic … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Bloggers in Disneyland? Why?


Mylan® and Disney  joined forces to educate, protect and better serve the food allergic community.  If you are on social media you might have read some tweets or posts earlier this week from some bloggers attending a Mylan Bloggers Summit where the makers of the EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injector rolled out their new initiative: EpiPen® On Location™ and asked for our feedback … [Read more...]

So What About Food Allergies and TCM?


Now we are talking!  Traditional Chinese Medicine and the work of Mt. Sinai physician Xiu-Min Li, MD explained in a short video.  Grab some tea or coffee, relax and check this video out.  Not only was the 2nd annual Food Allergy Blogger Conference was a community education and bonding moment in time, the esteemed Xiu-Min Li, MD enlightened the crowd and Yael Kozar, producer of … [Read more...]

Food Allergy Awareness Month: Post a Tribute


Welcome Food Allergy Awareness Month!  Flowers for Anaphylaxis is hosting the Tributes to Loved Ones Lost online event.   At first glance, I thought, well, I have not lost anyone, what can I post?  But then today, of all days, I realized as I drive to the  Nevada State Legislature today to testify in support of #AB158 Entity Epinephrine, I will say prayers for those lost to … [Read more...]

Jerome Bettis: Slick Food Allergy Dating Tips


Time to sound smooth and sophisticated as you slide into the dating conversation that you have food allergies!?  It doesn't get any better than receiving dating advice from Jerome "The Bus" Bettis?  While interviewing Jerome Bettis a while back, I asked him for dating tips for my teenage son, Cyrus (I know, can I embarrass him any more?).  Jerome breaks down how to sound … [Read more...]