Wicked Good Ice Cream Sauce w/Sun Cups®


Your guests will be amazed that this scrumptious, rich and decadent Nut Free Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce is made with only two ingredients and one is our beloved Dark Chocolate Sun Cups®!  Yes...two.  I made these gluten-egg-soy-corn-peanut and tree nut free ice cream sundaes for my family.  My son, the culinary snob, said, "wow--these are surprisingly good" after he turned … [Read more...]

New Book is the Bee’s Knees!


Where were all these cute and important children's food allergy books when my son was in preschool?  HumFree the Bee Has A Food Allergy, will soon be joining my collection of cherished children's books. I placed my pre-order (they ship in September) last night and I can't wait. I had the honor of previewing this rhythmic, bright and engaging food allergy awareness book that had … [Read more...]

ALL Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Save Lives


This morning was a flurry of Back-To-School energy along with huge smacking of a food allergy red brick to my forehead! Even though today was my son's start of his senior year, there was chaos as he decided on a last minute switch using EpiPen® at school to Auvi-Q®.  Our fears: that teachers or staff might not realize, during an emergency, that the school's supply of stock … [Read more...]

Let’s Advocate: Jerome Bettis lawmaker tips


We are witnessing an extraordinary time right now. Our food allergy voices are being heard nationwide. "Everyone has a role to play," shared Pro Football Hall of Fame and Superbowl great, Jerome Bettis, who also has a life threatening shellfish allergy. No stranger on Capital Hill and speaking to law makers, this former Pittsburg Steeler star shared a few simple, yet powerful … [Read more...]

Essential Food Allergy School Links


Back-to-School welcomes excitement, learning and flat-out stress for parents of children with life threatening allergies. The stress is unavoidable and is our reality, but the good news is that we can take steps to reduce that stress and create an environment that works to keep our children safe at school.  On this site, under Resources, I have created a School Solutions: … [Read more...]