Allergies/Asthma: The Honest Spectator


“I don’t give advice, I give information that I have confidence in, with the occasional opinion.”  This sums up my beloved friend, Henry Ehrlich, author of the popular website,  I met Henry the same day I met the Auvi-Q®.  Two very exciting moments!  I had declared myself as the president of his fan club and our friendship was cemented.  Over the … [Read more...]

Did you check out KFA’s New Site?


Wowie!  Congratulations Kids with Food Allergies Foundation- a Division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America on your new, hip and easy-to-find-the-good-stuff website.  It's been a blast poking around.  I know this was no easy task and there will be techno bumps along the way, but this is a wonderful and fresh new look.  I know that one important key to success with … [Read more...]

Peanut Patch Plans to Change Lives


“This can really change the lives of so many people,” explained Dr. Pierre-Henri Benhamou, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DBV Technologies, developer of the Viaskin® Patch, in a charming and thick French accent.  “It is important for everyone to have a safe treatment for food allergy.”  His conviction and belief in the Patch was palpable and exciting. I … [Read more...]

Light a Candle today in Joseph’s Memory

Joseph DeNicola

God Bless Joseph's DeNicola's mom, Julie Ann, for her amazing spirit in asking all of us to light a candle in memory of her son, who passed away from an allergic reaction last Halloween (Child Dies After  Halloween Trick or Treating).  Today would have been Joseph's birthday.  Julie Ann wants us all to honor her son's memory and to raise awareness. I am humbled and heart … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Crock Pot Potatoes

dairy free crock pot potatoes

I've been down and out with some nasty bug and this is the recipe I've been craving!  I must need potassium?  This is one of those easy recipes that takes a little bit of time up front with all the chopping, but then cooks for hours.  You can always prepare this recipe on low for around 6-7 hours if the shorter cooking on high doesn't fit your schedule.  The recipe is very … [Read more...]