School Solutions: WorkBook Applies to all

Preschool handbook school solutions small

School Solutions. This handbook is worth mentioning again. And again, but this time revealing the big secret. Preschool Food Allergy Handbook is a comprehensive resource that not only guides you through the necessary steps to keep your food allergic child safe at preschool, but includes practice exercises and worksheets.   Here is the big secret: the information in this … [Read more...]

Never Leave Home with out Two (EPI)

Real Patients Discuss Having Access to EpiPen® epinephrine injection Auto Injectors YouTube

This is my family's mantra, direction from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies in the United States) and good old-fashioned common sense.  A while back Mylan®, the makers ofEpiPen® sought out entries from home videos for an upcoming education video contest.  Although my daughter was not chosen, part … [Read more...]

Hello Allergy Law Project!


I would like to introduce you to the Allergy Law Project.  If have not met these three brilliant lawyers, who just happen to be food allergy parents and (and patients), it is time to get acquainted with these powerhouses who have come together to create a FREE resource for people impacted by food allergies.  Their aim is to be a reliable source of legal information.  I am … [Read more...]

School Solutions: FREE EpiPens 4 Schools

epi pens 4 schools

School Solutions: Spread the word and never assume everyone knows about this program:  Free EpiPens® 4 Schools sponsored by Mylan, the makers of the EpiPen® epinephrine auto-injector.  I thought all of the schools in my state knew of this program and I recently learned they had not!  So, please share this information since most school districts these days can use the extra … [Read more...]

Yum Oreo Stuffed Dairy-Nut-Egg Free Treat

Oreo Stuffed cupcake nut free dairy free, egg free

The pleasant surprise of an OREO® cookie in the middle of this simple, egg-dairy and nut free treat turns on the smiles fast!  This was a very fast and easy dessert to make!  It is all about combining things from your pantry! Oreo® Stuffed Cupcakes(egg-dairy and nut free)! easy steps... Mix up your favorite allergen friendly cupcake batter (or check out my … [Read more...]