Beyond Awareness: EPI first EPI fast!

Epi First Epi Fast

Our friend and fellow food allergy advocate, Gina Mennett Lee launched her monthly Beyond Awareness Educational Campaign (#BAEC4FA) in February and wanted a few collaborators to join her. Sharon Wong, food allergy advocate and blogger at NutFree Wok, and I were excited to come along to support her efforts.  We hope that you will help us share these critical topics with … [Read more...]

Surprising Study Results Regarding Auvi-Q

epinephrine autoinjectors

Epinephrine Eye Opener: Gina Mennett Lee writes a stellar piece, "Is Device Design to Blame for Incorrect EPI Administration".  This post is about a study about how epinephrine auto-injector design can possibly impact ease of use.  Which device to use is always a topic of conversation in my household.  Today, during my daughter's 504 meeting, the school nurse asked us which … [Read more...]

Hot: Teal Ribbon Tattoos for Food Allergy

Teal Ribbon food allergy tat

Now this is what I'm talking about:  a teal ribbon tattoo to show our support of Food Allergy Awareness created by NutFree Wear.  I just bought a bottle of teal nail polish and guess what else I'm ordering right now?  These are so hot off the press that NutFree Wear has not had a chance to take professional photos yet! Food Allergy Awareness Tattoos from NutFree … [Read more...]

Ways to Read Labels for Food Allergens

food allergen label reading

I am beginning to believe that food allergen labeling should be considered an art!  Below are tips for reading labels and understanding the critical limitations of current labeling laws.  I believe many people on allergen restricted diets are taking unknowing risks due to not understanding current labeling practice.  Please take a few minutes and read on... Label reading is … [Read more...]

Anaphylaxis: Essential Symptom Checker

anaphylaxis learn more

Did you know that a metallic taste in the mouth can be a warning sign of Anaphylaxis?  I did not know this!  Healthline sent over this infographic, "The 17 Effects of Anaphylaxis" and the Metal Mouth and Mental Confusion buttons caught my eye.  I have heard this before from others, but never asked for more.  The infographic is short, sweet and to the point, which I why I … [Read more...]