Playing with Dolls who have Food Allergies

American Girl allergen play set

A girl's trip resulted two adult women, (the other shall remain nameless to protect the innocent), buying the American Girl Allergy Free Lunch kit.  It was ridiculously adorable and we could not help ourselves.  My daughter chose her treasures while we bought ours.  I blogged about this kit when it first hit the market and then failed to order it as planned.  But, when I saw it … [Read more...]

Food Hack: Lasagna and Brownies

lasagna cooking hack

My pal Meredith Perry came up with this little gem:  Use your Brownie Edge pan as your lasagna pan!  Dual purpose and the beauty of making lasagna is that serving is a snap.   For this recipe, she turned to the Barefoot Contessa.  Meredith just breaks up dry lasagna noodles to fit the bottom of pan and off she goes. What made this dinner fun is being together with old … [Read more...]

Food Safety Guy is a Smash Hit


Nope, it wasn't a movie!  It was an informative, call to action Keynote speaker presentation at the Nevada School Nutrition Conference.  The title of the  Lars Johsnon, The Food Safety Guy's Keynote presentation: You Mean Someone Could Die? Do we take the risk of food allergies seriously? So, what's the big deal over The Food Safety Guy, Lars Johnson anyhow?  Using our … [Read more...]

School Related Food Allergy Opinions Needed


I'm come to realize that we are all active participants in our quest for food allergy awareness, cures, therapies and treatments.  Without your voices, things change and move forward at a very slow rate.  Today, our voices, well, your child's voice, are being called up by The Food Allergy Outcome Outreach program at  Northwestern University.  Have a few minutes?  They are … [Read more...]

Warning: Ant Bait is Peanut Butter Based

Ant bait with peanut butter

Holy Moly Batman!  This last weekend was downright goofy with one small calamity after another taking place with all being highlighted with this scary little fact:  The Hot Shot® MaxAttrax® Ant Bait my peanut allergic son bought and placed in his room is peanut butter based!  He has no strong smell point of reference and after he placed it out, he called me over to sniff it. … [Read more...]