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I'm a passionate mother of two food allergic and asthmatic children. My goal is to create blogs to explore all things food allergy and asthma. Advocating for food allergy issues, clean air and lung disease is important and fun to me too.

Clawson: More than a Resignation is Needed

Over the last two days, we’ve witnessed a flurry of action, emotion and disbelief as Clawson Public Schools Board member, Linda Grossman resigns for joking, during a public board meeting, that children with food allergies should be shot.  As a public official, this is flat out unacceptable.  As a decision maker, this sets the […]

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Why EPI at Disney is a BIG DEAL

This announcement that arrived earlier this month about the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Mylan Specialty is the marketer and distributor of EpiPen® (epinephrine) and EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors. alliance, which is landmark and signals that a new dawn has truly arrived.  Florida is the second state to pass what we call “an entity […]

Kyle Dine Kickstarter Has Launched!

This is our moment to be a part of a movement to bring rock solid Food allergy, (including Celiac and Intolerance) education directly into our Schools! Stop for a few minutes and check out this amazing Kyle Dine Kickstarter Food Allergy Education Video opportunity.  Many of us know and adore Kyle Dine, the food allergy […]

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Celebrate Those Food Allergy Men Today!

Don’t forget to drop by The International Men of Food Allergies facebook group today to Celebrate the Positive Male Food Allergy Role Models in our community who engage in the management of life threatening food allergies and make an impact in their own homes or communities.  You’ll read inspirational quotes, watch videos, enjoy interviews […]