True Story: Kids Loves These

Cucumber hearts Valentine's Day Hearts

Last Valentine's Day I made this darling platter of cucumber heart slices and imagine the shock I had when this was the first item to disappear!  Kids love sugar and kids love candy but like the rest of us, the same sweet treats get boring and a crisp fresh crunch can be a welcoming delight.  These are a favorite since they are allergen savvy and free of the top eight major … [Read more...]

Munching Valentine’s Day Cupcakes!

Dairy Free egg free nut free Chocolate Heart mini cake

I love cupcakes and especially Valentine's Day when I can break out my Wilton Mini Heart Pan baking pan!  What makes this pan gold is that I can turn any simple muffin or cupcake recipe into a festive little treat just by using this pan.  I've been baking heart shaped banana muffins, gluten free cupcakes, nut free, dairy free and egg free chocolate cupcakes and more in this … [Read more...]

A Chat with Joel Stein – a Food Allergy Dad

food allergy convo with joel stein

 Statements like,  “the freedom of the press is so important we protect it in the constitution, but when wannabe journalists like Mr. Stein abuse their platforms to write stupid articles..” and words such as,  “insulting, vile, and inappropriate” blazed across the Internet after “Nut Allergies -  A Yuppie Invention” , authored by Joel Stein, was published in the Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Luscious Dairy, Egg and Nut free Muffins

banana muffins nut free, dairy free, egg free

There are a million plus one things to do with this basic vegan and allergy savvy banana muffin:  add frosting and call it a cupcake, add chocolate chips and call it delicious, fill with jelly and call it sweet breakfast...  This is a one bowl recipe and I keep mentioning since it is egg free, dairy free, nut free, soy free and sesame seed free.   I like baking it in my heart … [Read more...]

Dont’ let EXPIRATION Dates slip by

Winter Expiration Reminder 2

As of today, both of my kids are back to school and reality is settling in: homework, sports, work and getting up early!  The first thing I do on this day, is to check all expiration dates!  I mean ALL.  We're talking medications, lotions and food items.  Even though I do this annually, I always find some sort of seriously  outdated bottle of spice in my pantry along side a jar … [Read more...]