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Lung Health Advocacy includes Asthma, Clean Air and Lung Disease.  I hope to provide you with some very easy steps to make a difference along with me!

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Here’s the secret:  Change begins with you and me!

Here’s an even bigger secret:  Our Senators, Assemblymen and women all represent us and they can’t do a good job if we don’t speak up clearly and tell them what we need as constituents.  We must speak up.

Here’s the grand daddy of secrets:  A quick phone call, a short email counts and makes a difference.  All you need to say is, “I need you to vote yes on…..” or “I need clean outdoor for my children please strengthen EPA standards on…”

UPCOMING Call in Days:

February 20, 2013         
Don’t Let Congress Send Your Lungs Off the Fiscal Cliff 

Your representatives in Washington need to hear from you about the devastating consequences to our health if Congress doesn’t reach an agreement to prevent across the board cuts to key lung health programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health.

March 6, 2013    Healthy Air

March 20, 2013  Tobacco Control

April 10, 2013   Protect Lung Cancer Research Funding

May 8, 2013      Support the National Asthma Control Program at the CDC

June 12, 2013  COPD


Please check back in February and I will update this page with what is taking place locally in Nevada and Federally along with ways for you to make a difference using up only a few minutes of your time!  Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

January, 2013

Nevada is gearing up to go into Session!  Watch out Nevada, we the people, are excited and ready to support good laws that bring us clean indoor and outdoor air and will fight until the end to stop laws that will do otherwise.

October, 2012

All quiet on the Nevada front…but things will heat up in February when our state Legislature meets.  I hear the rumblings on the street that there will be all sorts of issues with Clean Air!

March/April, 2012

Getting excited and ready for some grass roots Advocacy training in May!

February, 2012.

Hearts are plastered everywhere this month, which is a great reminder for all of us to take good care of our hearts an that the number one cause of heart disease is smoking.  So, please consider the real value of smoking bans.

January, 2012.

Happy New Year!  It’s time to speak to your legislator.  We can’t wait until session begins to educate and speak to our representatives.  As representatives of the people, they can only do their good work from good information that we provide.  Therefore, email or call your representative NOW and tell them how important it is to you to breath in clean air and to protect the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act!  Give them your personal reason as to why you need clean air.  They want to hear about their constituent’s needs.  So, pick up the phone or sit down in front of your computer and share now.

Find your legislator

December, 2011.

Thinking, pondering and wondering about who and how folks may try to repeal the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.  Hum. Strategizing.  Dr. John Packham had something interesting things to say this month in the Reno Gazette Journal: Broken Promises to our children: 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 13 years Later.  Our great state of Nevada has chosen to NOT use the tobacco settlement funds that were designated for tobacco prevention and cessation to be used on well…tobacco prevention and cessation!  Interesting article indeed.

November, 2011.

Governor Sandoval declares November Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  Research from the National Cancer Institute has found that in Washoe County an average of 56 of every 100,000 people die of lung cancer each year while 70 of every 100,000 are affected by the disease.

October, 2011.

Get ready friends!  Just experienced the most amazing advocacy training.  Wow.  All I have to say is wow. Can’t wait for the next legislative session is all I have to say right now.  Stay tuned dear people of Nevada who require good health and no additional costs to our community to support someone’s “choice” to have an addition that will take away from my piggy bank.

September, 2011.

Wonderful news:  The Peppermill Resort, Spa and Casino has opened up a SMOKE-FREE pub serving pub food and spirits.  Needless to say, we are all so thrilled about how this business is catering to those of us who understand all the medical warnings and want to live clean healthy lives, enjoy a show, dinner, a nice swim and maybe a Guinness!

All quiet on the Clean Indoor Air Act for now, but it is quite interesting watching local business responding to the fight last June regarding AB571.  Even though it passed, I am not seeing smoking coming back to some of my favorite spots.  Maybe, the proponents of repealing the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act should think twice before the next fight.  Maybe, just maybe no one really cares?!?  Hum…food for thought.

August, 2011.

Just moving forward with a heavy heart this month.  A dear friend’s mother passed away from a very brief and rough fight with lung cancer.  She smoked for 40 years.  The statistics are true.  She did die 10 years before her peers.  Yesterday, as helped clean out her house, I tossed into the garbage at least 10 ashtrays.  Some large enough to a dozen cigarettes.  She tried to quit smoking this spring–too late.  Sigh.  Update: another older friend passed at the end of this month from Emphysema–the stats are true.

June, 2011.

June 17th, 2011.  We lost.  Governor Sandoval just signed AB571 into law. I am very sad and angry at the dirty politics: remember Tom Collins said in April that a gentleman’s agree is in place.  Well, he was right.  The good news is that we have HUGE power to make a difference still.  It’s easy.  Just don’t patronize those businesses that have smoking in the building.  Do you really think a business owner will keep smoking for a small group of smokers, while a larger group of non-smokers spend their dollars at competitors?  Stay tuned for what the citizens of Nevada will be doing!

June 13th, 2011. Click here for a very well done “guest” editorial that was printed in the Las Vegas Sun this last weekend.

June 10th, Hoping for a veto. Still waiting to see if Governor Sandoval will Veto AB517.  It is  highly unlikely, but I believe in never giving up.  I did hear back from my Assemblyman as to why he voted for AB571, when he told me he would vote against it.  His reasoning fortunately, did not have all the facts, so I can see why he voted for it.  The lesson was we need to educate our legislators better.  He was given bad information and then voted for it.  Currently working on my polite rebuttal to him.

June 7th, Even more bad news. Late last night the Nevada Senate passed AB571.  Unfortunately, my Senator voted for the bill–even after his staffer stated earlier in the day and for the last month, that he would absolutely never support this bill.  The Good news: the battle is not over…Please email Governor Sandoval and ask him to VETO AB571!  click here to email your request.

June 5th, More bad news. AB571 was passed in the Assembly but in the most frustrating and shocking way:  Speaker Oceguera called for a vote and when the bill did not come up with enough votes to pass…he called for a vote two more times until he got the votes that he wanted.  What does this mean: our representatives voted one way and then changed their votes..on the floor.  This is Nevada government at a low point.

AB571 will now move to the Senate, where I hope our Senators are more savvy and will not pass this bill.  Call your Senators folks!

June 1st, Bad news. AB571 was passed in the Ways and Mean Committee today and will voted on the Assembly floor tomorrow.  I’m a tad miffed at my representative who indicated that he was against the bill in addition to the other offices that offered “support”.  They actually all voted FOR the bill.  As a voter, this does not settle well with me.  The fight will continue though. Once it is passed in the Assembly it goes onto the Senate…where we will bombard our Senators with fresh emails and calls. 

May, 2011.

May 27, 2011. AB571 is in the Ways and Means Committee’s hot little hands.  If possible, email each member and tell them to OPPOSE AB571 and that you do not support any bill that will weaken the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act!

Here are the email addresses for the Ways and Means committee members.  The first letter is the initial of their first name and the rest of the word is their last name (i.e., paizley is Assemblyman Aizley).  I can’t figure out for the life of me how to enlarge this cut and paste–sorry!

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May 26, 2011. Keep emailing your Assemblymen and woman!  Nevadan’s check out this story in the Las Vegas Sun, there is a very clear example of how this bill is written so confusing that we can easily end up with children and second hand smoke together in a restaurant. Las Vegas Sun Damon Report

“Proponents of the bill argued it would allow establishments that already allow smoking to serve food, as long as they don’t allow minors.

But while that may be the bill’s intent, it likely would also allow some taverns that serve food and allow children to once again allow smoking.

“You can certainly read it that way,” said Sean Higgins, lobbyist for a coalition of tavern owners and slot-route operators, who proposed the legislation. “But that is not the intent.”

Several of Higgins’ clients built a wall to separate their smoking bar customers from their food customers. Children are allowed in the restaurant portion of the business. Higgins said he wrote the legislation to allow those businesses to serve food in the bar and continue to allow children in the restaurant.”

May 23, 2011. We need to continue asking EVERYONE w to OPPOSE AB571!  There was a hearing in the Ways and Means Committee today and it looks like we still need a strong voice from the people.

It truly takes less than one minute to voice your opinion and even provide comment if you like.

Share Your opinion with Legislatures here

PLEASE OPPOSE AB571–We do not want to encourage any more smoking in NV when Tobacco Related Health Care Costs are $565 Million per year!!

How can we keep cutting our school costs but allowing our State’s health care burden grow?

How can we say yes to something (smoking) that has been scientifically proven to change our DNA! (I will post story on 5/24/11)

May 21, 2011. We have lift off!  AB 571 was introduced late Friday!  This is the bill that will weaken the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.  Please click on Share Your opinion with Legislatures and say that you OPPOSE AB 571.  Your opinion will be forwarded to your representative.  Run…do it now!  The first hearing is set for Monday morning at 8am!  Tell your mother, tell your friends…tell everyone!

May 18, 2011. Please read my blog for today as the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act is at risk.  We all must take action since clean air effects those of us in Nevada who breathe.  

May 13, 2011. SB421 will permanently remove all funds for Tobacco Cessation and Prevention from the Tobacco Master Settle Agreement (MSA) funds the State of Nevada receives annually.  Am I the only that can see irony and how wrong this is?  Please use the link above to OPPOSE SB421 or call your legislator to voice your opinion!

  • Nevadan’s spend $565 Million on tobacco related health care costs
  • In 1999, 33% of Nevada’s youth smoked, then thanks for the MSA funds, that rate dropped to 13.6% in 2009.
  • Tobacco is the NUMBER 1 preventable cause of disease
  • For every dollar spent, Nevada has the average potential return on investment of $1.31