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This is me…always talking with my hands.  Even when I am on the phone.

I’m Caroline and in a nutshell (pun intended), I am a wife and the mother of two food allergic (peanut, tree nut, dairy, sesame and flax seed) and asthmatic children.    I have an odd sense of humor and laugh quite a bit.  I never trust the first thing I hear and must research everything.  I love good chocolate, sunbutter and chickens (not the ones on my dinner plate, but the ones in my backyard).   I sometimes talk too much and I am passionate about clean air, lung health, and food allergy advocacy.  I bake better than I cook.  I love a good garage sale.  I can dig in my heels when necessary.  I work hard at trying to find balance for my busy life.  I’m crazy for funky jewelry and good art.

I chose the name Gratefulfoodie after I asked a dear friend what I should name my blog.  She said, “of course, the gratefulfoodie”!  She explained, “you love food, you show your love with food and food is how you bridged the gap to normalcy for your food allergic kids.”  I also am very grateful for the foods that my children can eat.

I am grateful for everything in my life.

I have spent the last decade reading, researching, talking, testing and simply living with life threatening food allergies and asthma in our household only to realize that I will never know it all.  Life is forever changing, growing and improving each day and this is exactly what makes life so grand!  As my children reach the different levels of development, their needs, health and attitudes change. For this I turn to my community for knowledge, support and ideas.

My hope for you and this blog is that I can provide you with  a big cyber path to resources for living with food allergies and asthma.  In addition, to sharing recipes and ways you too can advocate that are important to me that you too might find valuable.

I will never have mastered this journey and be the queen of everything, but I will be a master at traveling this road.

One last note: In my previous life before raising a family, I earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, worked in boutique hotels, have trained all over the world and currently teach the American Lung Association’s Open Airways for School (asthma) and Safe at School, (food allergy), which is a new program developed by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

Things I currently do…

  • National Allergy and Anaphylaxis Council
  • Lead Advocate for SB453 Epinephrine in Nevada Schools
  • Chairs and Chair Elect Assembly, American Lung Association, National
  • Advocacy Work group, American Lung Association, National
  • Secretary/Treasurer, American Lung Association Corporate Board of Directors, Southwest Region
  • Past Chair, American Lung Association in Northern Nevada (but still a board member–I love these guys)
  • Group co-leader and co-founder, Northern Nevada asthma and Food Allergy Parent Education Group (AAPE to those who know and love us),
  • Past Trustee, Coral Academy of Science, Reno, NV Board of Directors
  • Assisted the Washoe County School District in writing Management of Students with Food Anaphylaxis which was published and released March, 2012.
  • Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) Support Group Advisory Council
  • Safe at School trainer
  • Open Airways for Schools trainer
  • Key Informant Panel, Blue Shield Blue Cross Foundation
  • Advocate for  Nevada Clean Air
  • Advocate for food allergy related issues in Nevada
  • Circle of Moms Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Bloggers!
  • Allergy and Asthma Foundation Patient Speaker Advocate